7 Ways To Dramatically Improve Your Motorcycle's Fuel Economy

7 Ways To Dramatically Improve Your Motorcycle's Fuel Economy

Learning how to save petrol on a motorcycle will help to reduce one of the major expenses generated by your vehicle and, moreover, lessen the environmental impact of your chosen mode of transport. Smooth, controlled riding and performing proper bike maintenance are the basics to limiting fuel consumption. At OneHowTo.com we offer a few tips on how to reduce a motorbike's fuel consumption.

Steps to follow:

One of the basic concepts in how to reduce a motorbike's fuel consumption is making sure the choke is not engaged. This system facilitates starting the vehicle in adverse conditions, such as when it is very cold, but should be turned off once the bike is running. Otherwise, there will be a significant and unnecessary increase in fuel costs.

If you have noticed a sudden or dramatic increase in fuel consumption then you might find it useful to take a look at why your motorbike is using so much fuel.


A good choice in terms of the bike's air filter is the second step for reducing a bike's fuel consumption. This filter gets dirty with everyday use but much more when driving on dusty or sandy terrain. So, cleaning the air filter and replacing it when necessary is an essential part of bike maintenance if you don't want to spend a lot on fuel.


Two other maintenance tasks that will help you to reduce your bike's fuel consumption is to always use clean spark plugs that are recommended by the manufacturer for your model of vehicle, as well as regulating your idle speed to check that it is not accelerating causing the bike to use up more fuel.


Smooth driving, besides being safe, is also a good help to avoid spending a lot on fuel consumption for your bike So, try to maintain a constant speed when using the bike, avoiding heavy braking or accelerating, except in emergencies. In general, the whole system of your vehicle will thank you for driving in this way.


The clothes you wear when you get on the bike will also help to reduce your bike's fuel consumption. So, if you wear a loose jacket which catches in the wind, you'll be causing more resistance than if you wear a close-fitting jacket. This will cause a consequent increase in fuel costs.


You should also monitor your bike's tyre pressure, not just for safety reasons but also because if you do not have enough, it will increase friction and also the amount your spend on your bike's fuel.


If your bike has gears, you can use engine braking to reduce your speed when necessary. In this way, as well as helping to reduce your motorcycle's fuel consumption, you will also reduce the wear on your brakes.

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