How to Avoid Foggy Car Windows

How to Avoid Foggy Car Windows

When the cold weather arrives it is common to get fogged windows in your car. This can be dangerous sometimes, as fogged windows reduce visibility and can make driving more dangerous. It is possible to defog car windows in seconds, but it is even better to prevent fog from building up on your windows. If you're tired of having fogged windows when the weather outside is cold, read this article and find out how to avoid foggy car windows.

Steps to follow:

The first thing you need to do to avoid foggy windows is keeping the inside of your car dry. Fog builds because the air inside the car is moist, so if you bring wet things inside the car fog will build up on windows. Put umbrellas, sweated sports clothes and other wet items in the trunk of your car and dry out your shoes before entering the car if it's raining outside.

It is also important to keep your carpets clean and dry as they tend to get damp.


Clean your windows, not only on the outside but also on the inside. Dirt provides a base for moist, so if your windows are covered in dust or other dirt they will fog up more easily.


Use anti-fog coating after cleaning your windows. This will create a layer that will prevent fog.


Never wipe the windows if they fog up. This doesn't remove the moisture, it only moves it to the rags.


Bring new air into the car. Warm air in recirculation might keep your car warmer but it doesn't allow the air to regenerate. The recirculate mode only moves the moisture inside the car, so it's advisable to not put your heating in this mode. You can also slightly open one of the windows so it can allow new air to enter the car.


Another tip to get rid of moisture inside the car is to use a dehumidifier. You can hang it from the rear view mirror and it will help keep the air inside your car dry.


Warm up the car before driving, so if any fog appears on the windows you can get rid of it before you start driving. When you're driving you should only keep your attention on the road, and having to care about other things such as defogging your windows can be a fatal distraction. Warm up your car before you start driving but make sure to do it in an open space, as if done in a closed garage you could be poisoned with carbon monoxide.

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