How to calculate your car's average consumption

How to calculate your car's average consumption

Gas consumption is one of a driver's main worries. If we want to drive economically to save up during times of crisis, we need to know what our average gas consumption is. But, do you know how to calculate the average fuel consumption? If you have no idea of the method you should follow and want to know how to calculate your car's average consumption, this oneHowTo article will give you the key.

Steps to follow:

To take control on what you spend on fuel and make your car more efficient, an easy and fast method is needed. This way, you'll know your average consumption and you'll be able to save up on gas. Independently if your car is diesel or gasoline, the calculation method is the same for both.


First of all you need to fill your car's deposit with fuel and set your milometer to 0. To do so, check your control panel. The milometer is usually next to the speed indicator. You'll see two numbers appear, the one on the top is the total number of miles you've done with your car, and the bottom one is the one you need to change and put on 0. In general, below this number you'll find a button you need to press to do so. Then, write down the total number of gallons you have filled your deposit with.


Spend all your car's fuel until it's nearly empty. When you get to this point,you can calculate your car's average consumption:write down the number of miles done.This way you'll have the distance driven with a full deposit.


Now you have all the necessary numbers to calculate your car's fuel consumption, the only thing you need to do is apply a simple three-foot rule. We use this formula because the only way of knowing what we spend is calculating the spent consumption after 100 miles. This way, if your car has a capacity of 10 gallons and you have driven a distance of 500 miles, for example, you should ask yourself, how many gallons have I spentin 100 miles? This way, divide 10 by 500 (10:500=0.02 ) and multiply the result by 100 (0.02x100=2). The result of the operation is 2 mpg. The result will be your car's average gas consumption.


If your car only calculates the total of miles driven from its first day of life, and you can't put the counter back to 0, there's another way of calculating fuel consumption. Fill the deposit, write down the number of gallons and the number of miles driven up to this moment.


When you have run out of gas, write down the number of miles driven up to this point. Now, to know the exact distance you did with this deposit, subtract both numbers. This way, if the counter marked 40.000 and 40.500 when your tank was empty again, subtract those numbers and you'll get the miles driven which are 500. Now, do the three-foot rule from step 4 and you'll get your car's average gas consumption.

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