How to cancel Vehicle Registration in India

How to cancel Vehicle Registration in India

In India it is compulsory that all motorized road vehicles should be registered. Vehicle registration is done so that a clear ownership of the vehicle is established. The registration of vehicle is done by the local RTO of that state. In India, a registered commercial vehicle of one state is not allowed to enter another state without a permit. To obtain the permit a significant amount of money is paid. In case of a passenger vehicle, the registered vehicles of one state are allowed to pass through other states but the vehicle can only stay in thr other state for 30 days.

Vehicles which are registered by the RTO are tagged with a license number or registration number. The license number is issued by the district level RTO of each respective state. If you want to know more about the plate you can learn your vehicle registration details. When a person purchases a vehicle the dealer of vehicle issues a temporary license sticker. This temporary registration number is valid for one month and within this time period the owner of vehicle must register the vehicle at his local RTO. But what if a person needs to cancel his / her vehicle’s registration? OneHowto is now going to show you how to cancel vehicle registration in India.

Reason for Cancellation

The registration of your vehicle can be cancelled if any of the following things occurs:

  • 1. The vehicle has been destroyed due to some reason or it has been rendered permanently incapable of use.
  • 2. The documents submitted during registration were false.
  • 3. The engine number or chassis number are different from the number entered in registration certificate.
  • 4. The registering authority is satisfied that the vehicle is removed out of India permanently.
  • 5. The vehicle is beyond reasonable repairs and if used the vehicle can cause danger to public.

Procedure of Registration Cancelation

  • 1. At first, contact your registering authority.
  • 2. Then, the registering authority will give notice by R.P.A.D. to you to make representation.
  • 3. If the Registering Authority is satisfied after hearing then your vehicle registration will be cancelled.
  • 4. Then the registering authority will forward the report and the certificate of registration to the original registering authority for cancellation of registration.
  • 5. When the registration cancellation will be completed the registering authority will send it to you in writing. Then you have to surrender the certificate of registration of your vehicle.

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