How to Change the Air Filter of the Motorbike

How to Change the Air Filter of the Motorbike

Changing the air filter of the motorbike is a maintenance task that must be performed periodically. This is especially important if you regularly ride on dusty terrain. The function of the motorbike air filter is to prevent dirt from entering and affecting the motor, which could cause several problems in your motorbike. If your air filter is damaged and you need to replace it read this OneHowTo article in which we explain all the steps necessary to know how to change the air filter of the motorbike.

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Before explaining how to change the air filter of the motorbike we must clarify that there are foam filters and paper filters. Paper filters should be changed every 30,000 kilometres. Foam filters can be washed and should be replaced only when they begin to come apart. By contrast, paper filters can not be cleaned and must be changed directly.


The first step to change the air filter of the motorbike is to access the filter. This is probably the more complex task in the overall operation in case that the filter is under the tank. On some models the filter is on one side, which makes the whole process easier. Consult your vehicle's manual to locate it.


The air filter will be very easy to change if it is on the side. Using a screwdriver, you must remove the cover to have access to it.


However, if the filter is under the tank this process can become complicated. You will have to remove the cover of the tank with the help of a screwdriver. When you have lifted the cover slightly you will have to disconnect the hose from the radiator to then lift it completely. Now you have to remove more screws to remove the tank.


In the next step you should switch the fuel inlet to 'off', lift the tank and release the fuel gauge and the 3 other cables. Beneath you will find the air filter cover which you can remove with the screwdriver.


Now, whether the filter is on the side or under the tank, you will have direct access to the air filter so we can remove it and replace it with a new air filter. As you have open access to the area make use of the opportunity and clean it of any impurities.


We must reiterate the importance of this motorcycle maintenance work which allows you to keep the engine and the mix free of impurities. Read this article if you want to know more about the basic care of motorcycles.

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