How To Change The Spark Plug On A Motorcycle

How To Change The Spark Plug On A Motorcycle

Replacing the spark plug or plugs of a motorbike is an important part of bike maintenance and if you do not perform this task when necessary you will notice your motorcycle loses power, which will make it consume more fuel than usual or even prevent it from starting. Although it is a relatively simple operation in many models you should be cautious when it comes to doing it so to avoid breaking any parts or burning yourself if you have not waited for the motorbike to cool down completely. At OneHowTo we explain step-by-step how to change the spark plug of a motorbike.

You'll need:
  • New spark plugs, plug wrenches, screwdriver.
Steps to follow:

Prior to changing the spark plugs of a motorbike you have to know that these pieces are very delicate, so be careful not to drop the new ones and damage them. Also, you have to be careful and ensure the bike is cool to avoid burns during the operation.


Having taken these recommended precautions the first thing you have to do is remove the seat of the motorbike to access the spark plug or plugs of your bike. Depending on the model you will need to remove more or less screws, making use of a screwdriver.


When you have free access to the spark plugs you must remove the spark plug cap. We recommend that you withdraw the excess dirt before putting on the new spark plug. To remove the old spark plug or spark plugs you need a wrench to unscrew it.


To install the new spark plug in your motorcycle, you must first press only gently by hand until it will go no further and, once it will not go any further in, you should use the wrench to secure its attachment. Remember that the spark plug is a very delicate part, so do not over-tighten it.


To replace the pipette above the new spark plug you will not need any tools. It is sufficient to place it by hand and simply use a little force so that it is properly secured. Then reassemble the seat and your new spark plugs will be in place.


Motorbike spark plugs are not very expensive parts, so do not skimp on costs and purchase quality parts and preferably those recommended by the motorbike manufacturer. In some motorbike models, to change the spark plugs you will have to disconnect wiring and, in these cases, it is more appropriate ask a mechanic to perform this operation as it will not be so simple.

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