How to Charge the Car Battery

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Charge the Car Battery

The day could come where you want to start your car and this will not be possible. A common cause is a dead battery. We may be in a rush to get to work or for some reason we need to jump-start the engine ourselves and not have to call and wait for a tow truck or mechanic. At we will now look at some simple ways to recharge the car battery.

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First, we note that there is a device that charges car batteries. Another possibility is when, should the car have some energy, with the collaboration of several people pushing the car you can get it started. After 20 minutes of driving the battery will be charged.

But now we will look at the example where we need energy from another car to start our own vehicle. You only need two cars whose batteries have a similar amperage and a set of cables with clamps.


Once we have the necessary items and the cars are off we will attach the red wire clamps on the positive terminal of each battery.


Afterwards we will fix one clamp of the black cable to the negative terminal of the battery which is charged and put the other lamp on the negative terminal of our battery. Experts say it is safer when the clamp that should go on the negative terminal of the dead battery is placed in a metal part of the chassis or rack to avoid sparks.


When both batteries are properly connected start the car with the good battery, accelerate a little and let it run for a while so that the accumulator is full of energy. This way we avoid it having to overwork when we try to start the engine of the powerless car.


After a few minutes turn off the car with the charged battery and immediately try to start the car that had the dead battery. If we start the engine right from the first attempts we will then withdraw the clips in the reverse order that they were placed and make sure that none of these are touching each other or touching a metal part of the car. All that is left to do is to leave the car on for about 20 minutes or try to drive around so that the battery charges normally.

If you find that your battery is not charging or you notice any damage to the battery then it is probably time for you to change your car battery.

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  • Be careful with the liquid from the batteries because it is very corrosive and also beware of areas where the lamps may touch.

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How to Charge the Car Battery
How to Charge the Car Battery

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