How to clean car battery terminals

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to clean car battery terminals

As time goes by, it's normal that your car's battery terminals don't look so good or make bad contact. This is usually due to sulphated metal terminals. In this article, we'd like to show you how to clean car battery terminals.

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A dirty battery terminal or sulphated can make it difficult and even prevent our car from starting up. First of all we'll need to stop our car and take a look at the battery terminals to confirm they're dirty or sulphated. Sulfatation is appreciated when metal goes blue or green.


We'll loosen up the screws that hold the battery cables with a screwdriver or wrench, starting with the negative cable. We'll do the same with the right terminal, keeping the metal cables away we'll avoid they get in contact.


To get rid of the dirt or sufatation we'll use a bowl full of water, in which we'll add some drops of bicarbonate sodium. Another alternative is to use Coke, specially the actual brands. We'll pour a splash into our battery solution and leave t for a couple of seconds so it can react. Next, we'll clean it with a cloth dipped in the solution or if it's clean, we'll dry it with a normal cloth.


Once dry, we'll scrub the terminals with a wire brush so the rust is totally disappeared. We can do a much accurate job with sandpaper. We'll take off the rest of the remains with a humid cloth and we'll put the cables back again.


Before putting back the cables, some experts recommend anointing the terminals with a thin layer of Vaseline or grease to avoid them getting rusty again. We can choose if we want to do this or not.

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How to clean car battery terminals
How to clean car battery terminals

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