How To Drive Safely In Fog

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Drive Safely In Fog

Whether you are a new or an experienced driver, driving a car in fog can be a dangerous thing to do. It reduces your visibility and makes it difficult for you to identify forthcoming hazards down the road. For instance, if the car driving in front of you slams the brake suddenly, you may not be able to see it clearly and dash into it while at speed. The best thing to do is to avoid driving in fog altogether, and wait for the weather to get clear. Take your car only when it is absolutely necessary. But if you still happen to drive out, read this article to find out how to drive safely in fog.

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Slow down

Our subconscious mind has a natural tendency to speed up while driving in fog. Our brain undergoes an optical illusion due to which we feel that we are driving too slowly on the road. Most people get nervous while driving in fog, due to neglecting to check their driving speed. As they move forward, they get a feeling that everything is going fine and they might start speeding up. This is perhaps the most dangerous thing you can do while driving in fog. Be conscious and keep looking at your speedometer as you may feel that you are driving slowly, but in reality, you might be running at a high speed.

How To Drive Safely In Fog - Slow down

Turn on your lights

Turn on your headlights while driving in fog, as those daytime running lights will not be enough to make you seen. Some people like to turn off their headlights, as they feel that these lights are blinding them to reflect off the fog. But by doing that, you actually make yourself invisible on the road. Your headlights are not there to help you see better, but they are designed to make you visible. If you have installed fog lights in your car, use them too. While driving under foggy conditions, it is very important to make yourself clearly visible on the road, and you can successfully do that by turning on your lights.

How To Drive Safely In Fog - Turn on your lights

Follow your driving lines

If you are driving in fog, it is important to stay on your own driving lines depicted by the road markings. This will be the best way to make sure that you are driving straight and are away from any risk. Most people try to drive near lights, due to which most of the accidents take place in these areas only. So, it is better to keep a watch on your own driving lines and road markings and stay within them.

Don’t tailgate

While driving in a lane, do not get too close to the car running in front of you. If the driver in the car ahead pushes the brake suddenly due to any reason, you will have a little time to watch and react. If you tailgate, you will have almost no time to see and react and this can result in a massive pile up.

How To Drive Safely In Fog - Don’t tailgate

Keep an ear out

Turn off your radio, put off that mobile phone (I mean you shouldn't be using this anyway while driving) and open your car’s window a little so that you can listen to the environment you are driving in. You may be able to hear an approaching car sooner than you can see it. Someone on the roadside might be trying to warn you, that you may not hear if you are driving with all your windows closed. While you will be driving at a low speed, you will not have much problem in hearing due to wind.

Follow these tips and be careful when driving in fog. It is also good to ensure that your equipment is in top condition, so always have good tyres and check the brakes regularly.

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Faina Johnsberg
While driving a car in fog it may have accident. Due to this fog the things look blurred and have sudden crash. So its better to avoid driving car in fog. Otherwise we must follow some rules such as drive slowly and turn on our lights. We must follow our driving lines and don't follow the tailgate . We must keep an ear out so that know about the environment. We must use good quality tires and check our car battery properly. So we must drive
car safely in this fog and follow these rules so we may not have any problem.
OneHowTo Editor
Thank you for your advice Faina!

How To Drive Safely In Fog
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How To Drive Safely In Fog

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