How to Get Rid of Bad Smell from Car Air Conditioner

How to Get Rid of Bad Smell from Car Air Conditioner

As it gets used, your car's air conditioning begins to emit a bad smell when you turn it on. This is due to micro-organisms that have accumulated over time in the system vents.

This smell needs to be removed, not only because it causes discomfort for other passengers, but also because the micro-organisms behind it can cause allergy-type illnesses. This OneHowTo article will explain in detail How to get rid of bad smell from car air conditioner.

Steps to follow:

As the air conditioning is used, mites, bacteria and fungi find their way into the system vents. These micro-organisms cause the bad smell that's released every time you turn on the A/C.


The only way to get rid of bad smells in your car's air conditioning is with a spray that can be found, in a variety of different brands, in any specialist shop.


Once you've bought the spray, apply the product with the air conditioning turned off and the car doors wide open, including the boot, as the product contains disinfectant elements that shouldn't be absorbed by the car.


Follow the instructions that come with the spray you're using to get rid of bad air conditioning smells . Basically, you need to spray the product into the interior and exterior vents, and then leave it for about fifteen minutes.


Then, without closing any of the car doors, turn on the air conditioning and leave it on for about twenty minutes, to get rid of any remaining product inside the system and prevent it from causing any harm.


If you follow these steps, you can get rid of bad smells in your car's air conditioning as well as the possibility that the mites, bacteria or fungi might trigger an illness in one of your passengers.


If you notice your air conditioning has a sweetish smell, this might be due to an antifreeze leakage and will need to be checked immediately as it could affect your car's radiator, pipe or coolant.

Remember to make sure you change your antifreeze every 2 years!


Another reason why your car air conditioner may smell is that some gas may have leaked into the conditioner ducts. If you want to solve this problem you need to find the source of leakage and know what to do if your car is leaking oil.

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  • Your car air conditioner should not smell! Don't let this fact slide by as it could have consequences on your health.