How to Know if your Car Frame Is Bent

How to Know if your Car Frame Is Bent

Your car’s frame may get bent if you have recently been involved in an accident. If you are in the market to buy a used car, then you will also want to ensure that the frame of the car you are interested in is not bent or damaged. Here, at oneHOWTO, are a few signs that you can check to find out how to know if your car frame is bent or not.

Look for any visible signs of damage

Take a walk around the car and look for any signs of damage that you can see with your eyes. If there is a crease, rust or crack, then it is better to get it checked by a professional. An unusual angle or crease in the frame’s metal can be a sure sign of bent frame. Once you have checked its upper body, you may also crawl under it and look for any signs of damage in its bottom metal frame. Don’t overlook anything suspicious on its body.

Check the alignment

If your car has a bent frame, it will definitely go out of alignment while driving, or pull to one direction, no matter how many times you get it aligned. If your car is not ready to run straight even after getting it aligned, then the problem is not with its tires, but its car frame is bent.

Pay attention to the tracking of your car’s wheels

If your car frame is bent, it is likely to go sideways like dog or a crab. Crabs and dogs can walk sideways, which is why this type of car movement is termed as dog walking or crab walking. The rear wheels of your car should follow a perpendicular line behind its front tires. But if your car’s frame is bent, the rear tires will not run in the same direction as its front tires. If your car has wheel tracking problems, then most probably its car frame is bent.

Look for signs of uneven wear in suspension and shocks

A car will run properly only if it is perfectly balanced. Even a slight bend will make your vehicle off-balance, causing more signs of wear on the side where its force or weight is placed. If the suspension system of your car has got a strange wear, or if it is keeps malfunctioning or breaking, then chances are that its frame is damaged or bent.

Test how it fits

Your car’s frame is the base of all the things included in it. It is a bigger mechanical equipment, consisting of hundreds of little auto parts. If your car’s frame is damaged or bent, the smaller auto parts inside it will also go out of line. For instance, bolts and mounts may break because of the extra pressure applied on them due to the changed structure of the car’s frame. If you suspect anything the source of which you can’t identify, then chances are that your car’s frame is bent, and needs repair.

Identify any changes in the way your doors open

If there are changes in the way your car’s doors open and close, then it is one of the surest signs of a bent car frame. If they catch while opening or closing, then your car’s frame is bent. If they don’t open with the same width on all sides, then also your car’s frame is bent. If you see any gaps between the doors and the body panel, and if they do not line up properly while opening or closing, then it is also a sure sign of a bent car frame. A bent car frame may also cause your trunk to open or close improperly.

Hear any unusual noises

If your car’s frame is bent, it may cause your engine to produce strange sounds. If you hear unusual noises like squeaking and creaking from your car’s one side or the other, then have it checked at an auto repair shop.

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