How To Maintain a Turbo Diesel Engine

How To Maintain a Turbo Diesel Engine

Turbo Diesel engines are easier to maintain and if they are maintained properly at regular intervals then they are the most reliable engine. In this article we will know about some tips on How to maintain a Turbo Diesel Engine, so you can enjoy your engine for longer and avoid spending money on more serious reparations.

Tip 1

To save your turbo charger from failing prematurely you will need to take care that if you are starting your car engine do not race the engine immediately from idle. Let 5 – 10 seconds lapse so that the engine oil reaches turbo charger. Then you can race it up and your turbo charger won’t be damaged.

Tip 2

To maintain a turbo diesel engine properly, regularly inspect the glow plugs. The ignition of turbo diesel engine requires compressed heat and the fuel alone can’t produce that much heat. This is when the glow plugs come into use. It happens mainly in winter season and that’s why at this time of year glow pugs need frequent inspection.

Tip 3

Since Turbo Diesel engines run at high compression pressure, lots of heat is generated due to which the cooling system is used regularly. So, regular maintenance of cooling system is required for effective working of the engine.

Tip 4

The diesel lube oil of your turbo diesel engine must be changed frequently at regular intervals. This is because of carbon which is a by – product gets deposited in the oil continuously and if it is not replaced then it blocks the heat transfer. It also hampers the oil’s cooling function. So, it’s best for your engine to change the diesel lube of oil after every 100 hours.

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Tip 5

Diesel engines use lots of air. So, attention must be paid to the air filtration system. Clean engine filter element at regular interval so that it do not become dirty. Since, your engine is turbo charged take care that the air from turbo charger is cooled properly by the coolants. You can learn to do this at home, just read our article on how to clean your car air filter at home.


Tip 6

While maintaining your Turbo Diesel engine, take care that the engine is completely supported by an external support before you unscrew any of the plugs, mounting bolts or nuts.

Tip 7

Never use low grade oil for your Turbo Diesel Engine. It can’t protect the turbo charger properly. So, use oil of proper viscosity and correct quality API specification.


Tip 8

For cooling, people often pour in water instead of the proper coolant. It will not cause proper cooling and may lead to corrosion. Its best to use properly mixed solution of recommended coolant for better maintenance of a Turbo Diesel Engine.

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