How to Move an Automatic Car with a Dead Battery

How to Move an Automatic Car with a Dead Battery

Automatic cars carry no clutch or shifter, making them easier to drive and attracting more and more buyers. However, many people think that manual cars at least won’t leave you stranded if your battery suddenly dies in the middle of the road. Contrary to popular belief it is possible to jump-start an automatic car.

In this oneHOWTO article we tell you step by step How to move an automatic car with a dead battery.

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The first thing you have to do move an automatic car with a dead battery is to make sure that you are in a safe place to operate and have set in place LED emergency warning triangles around your vehicle if necessary. If possible wear an LED vest or jacket for added safety.


Next, open your car’s hood and find the jump starter pack. It is essential that you keep this fully charged if you want to move your automatic car or else you would have to call a towing company if you find yourself with a dead battery. If you don't have one of these, take a look at other solutions on our article how to jumpstart an automatic car.


Find the red clamp on the jump starter pack and attach it to the positive terminal of your car’s battery. You can check the owner’s manual if you are not quite sure of this step or when the battery is not beside the engine.

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Locate the on/off button of the jump starter. If you find the button then do the same for the black clamp and attach it to the negative terminal of the battery. If the jump starter doesn’t have an on/off button attach the black clamp to a piece of metal away from the battery so that you are protected from the sparks that may initiate from the contact.


Before you continue, go again over the previous steps. Before you turn the on/off button make sure that the engine is clear from any of the equipment.


Now, turn on the power switch on the jump starter pack and start the car. If your pack doesn’t have a button go straight to starting the car. The car should jumpstart.


Turn the power switch off of the jump starter pack and remove first the black clamp and then the red clamp. Finally, close the hood.


Before you go remember to retrieve your warning triangle and drive away safely.

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  • Always refer to the owners manual for more information
  • Make sure to keep a fully charged jump starter pack
  • Ensure that you keep regular maintenance of your vehicle