How to Polish the Car at Home

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Polish the Car at Home

After miles and miles of driving, your vehicle deserves a good clean and polish. If you're wondering how to polish the car at home, then don't look any further, because we'll show you a series of steps you can use that will leave your vehicle so shiny it will look as good as new. At, we care very much about keeping cars in the best condition, and we have prepared some easy-to-follow tips that you'll love.

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Steps to follow:

We should begin by washing the car, and for that we'll need a hose and plenty of water. You can either go to the car wash or manually clean it with the hose. It really depends on what you prefer and the amount of time you have available. Note that using the car wash alone is generally not enough; you'll need to clean the small holes with the hose.

How to Polish the Car at Home - Step 1

But using only water you won't have removed all the dirt. There are always traces of dirt left behind that require more elbow grease. Make sure you have removed all the lumps of dirt that you can from the car and also any insect remains. You can use soap and a cloth, but always use products specifically designed for the car's bodywork.

How to Polish the Car at Home - Step 2

It is important that before applying wax you check to see if the car has any imperfections. We're not referring to dirt, which we've already eliminated in the second step of our guide on how to polish the car. We're talking about scratches or even more serious damage. If your car is scratched, it is advisable to cover these flaws with a marker specifically for that purpose and that matches the color of your vehicle.

How to Polish the Car at Home - Step 3

Protect the delicate parts of the vehicle that do not need any wax or polish to be applied. Remember that polishing other car parts requires a different process, such as polishing the headlights.


Then simply put wax on the surface of the vehicle and polish until the car regains its shine. Do it gently, because buffing the car is not something that takes very long, and try to do it bit by bit. Never begin polishing the next part of the car until you have finished the first.


Once finished, you will see that your car will have recovered the shine it had when you first bought it, and you will have saved yourself the expense of a repaint job. Repeat the process at regular intervals but avoid doing it on very sunny days, since sunlight is not beneficial for the bodywork.

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How to Polish the Car at Home
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How to Polish the Car at Home

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