How to Prepare a Motorcycle for Winter Storage

How to Prepare a Motorcycle for Winter Storage

If you store your motorcycle for winter just by throwing a bike cover over it, then you may get some really nasty surprises when you uncover it in the spring season. When the riding season starts, you may find that your motorcycle does not start, and you need to do some serious repairs to get it back on track. Here at, we will tell you how to prepare a motorcycle for winter storage.

Steps to follow:

Before you prepare your motorcycle for winter storage, it is better to clean it thoroughly, so that any water spots and guts do not sit on its paint all through the season. Wash your motorcycle and let it dry completely to make it absolutely moisture-free. You may also apply wax on its surface, which will provide a barrier against rust and moisture during the winter season.


Change your motorcycle’s oil and filter before storing it for winter. If you leave it with broken oil, it may refuse to start in the spring time. Also coat your engine’s internals with oil, as winter moisture may be enough to gather inside your motorcycle’s engine, and cause formation of rust on its cylinder walls and pistons.


To prepare a motorcycle for winter storage, lube any moving parts of your motorcycle, especially the cables, chain drive, fork surfaces, controls and other pivot points. This will prevent moisture from building up, that may result in binding and rusting of these parts.


Your gas tank may rust when you don’t use it during the winter months. Untreated pump gas may break down and become gummy with time. To keep your fuel ready to run after so many months, you should store your motorcycle with its tank filled completely. When the tank is full, moisture will not be able to build up on its tank walls, thus keeping it dry.


Batteries have a tendency to self-discharge when it is allowed to sit over time, particularly when hooked up on the motorcycle. We have already told your how to charge a motorcycle battery. There are battery tenders available, which you can use to monitor your battery’s charging and discharging, thus keeping it charged without overcharging.


When you leave your motorcycle untouched for several months, its tires will sit in the same position for a long time, and develop flat spots. The best solution is to keep your tires off the ground with the help of motorcycle stands. If you don’t have these stands, you can rotate the tires at least once in a week by rolling the motorcycle slightly. If you are storing the motorcycle on concrete, place a piece of plywood or carpet under the tires so that moisture cannot seep into them.

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