How to Prepare Your Motorbike for a Trip

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Prepare Your Motorbike for a Trip

Organising trips and motorbike routes is becoming more popular, whether for a sense of freedom or the opportunity they offer to admire and enjoy beautiful scenery. In the same way as when you prepare for a car journey, you need to check all your bike parts and get them in order to ensure that they won't fail during the journey. This OneHowTo article gives you some factors to consider when preparing your bike for a trip.

Steps to follow:

Before any trip, you should first review your bike's maintenance point by point and check that everything is in perfect condition so your journey will be as safe and as comfortable as possible. It's best that a professional mechanic conducts a thorough check of your motorbike.


Check the level of battery power to make sure that levels are adequate and also check the pressure and wear of your tyres. The casing of motorcycle tyres is thinner, so it is very important that the pressure is correct for stability.

How to Prepare Your Motorbike for a Trip - Step 2

No matter how many kilometers you've done on your bike, it's practically mandatory to check the engine oil and replenish what has been lost before a journey, because it will disappear faster on long journeys. It is also essential that you change the oil every year at least, although it depends on the model of your bike.

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Check the coolant and brake fluid. The coolant must have a blue or green hue whilst the brake fluid must be clear rather than brown. As well as this, you also need to check the lights, air filter, chain and battery.


When going on a journey, it is advisable to use a full face helmet that's in excellent conditionm, as it's the greatest element of motorist safety. Also, it is important to choose clothes that you'll wear during the journey, such as comfortable, padded garments that will protect you from the sun, wind and possible falls, as well as breathable underwear, back protectors and kidney belts, gloves and sunglasses.

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When it comes to luggage, you can store your personal belongings in a luggage carrier installed on the back, in the side panniers if you are able to fit them on or in the tank bag, a type of case that attaches to the bike tank. During the winter and rainy seasons, pack your things in waterproof bags so they arrive dry and in good condition at your destination.

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How to Prepare Your Motorbike for a Trip
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How to Prepare Your Motorbike for a Trip

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