How to Register a Foreign Car in Spain

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Register a Foreign Car in Spain

To register a foreign car in Spain, you're going to have to be patient and prepare yourself for a lot of red tape. You should also expect that it will also cost you a considerable amount of money as well.

Some of the costs will vary, depending on the make and model of the vehicle and how much it's worth. To help you with this process, let OneHowTo explain how to register a foreign car in Spain.

Steps to follow:

First, you must go to an authorised agency for a an official inspection called the ITV to determine if your car meets the required standards in terms of emissions and mechanical functioning, safety and tire tread.


Then you'll need to pay the vehicle registration tax to the Spanish Ministry of Finance. Fill out application form no.576 to pay this tax. The cost of this tax may vary, and it can be difficult to find out all the necessary requirements for completing the process for a non-native speaker.

If you find your local tax office is not particularly helpful then you may want to consider hiring a gestor to help you. Gestors are professional assistants who know the Spanish bureaucracy and hire their services out to ex-pats and business-people.

  • If the car was bought new in a country within the European Union (EU), you will have to pay VAT and fill out the corresponding tax forms, no.309 or 300.
  • If the car was bought new outside of the EU you must have what is known as the Single Administrative Document (SAD), which is issued by Spanish Customs.
  • If you bought a used car in the EU from a private seller, you must present the original sale agreement, a translated copy and pay the property transfer tax. If you purchased the car from a dealer, you must present the VAT invoice showing that the company is registered in the European Economic Community (EEC).

You are also required to go to the local town hall where you are registered as a resident to pay the road tax.


Now you're all ready to present the required documents and pay the vehicle registration fee at the local office of the Spanish Department for Transport. IF you made it this far, well done!

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How to Register a Foreign Car in Spain
How to Register a Foreign Car in Spain

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