How To Remove Musty Smell From Your Car

How To Remove Musty Smell From Your Car

It is not surprising that the interior of a car absorbs odor, which is very unpleasant for the driver and when a passenger gets in the vehicle. In the case of mustiness it may come from the seat fabric that got wet and didn't have time to dry, or from the air conditioning system itself. At we offer a few tips about how to remove musty smell from your car.

Steps to follow:

If odor inside the car is produced because the seats were wet, for whatever reason, and are not drying fast enough to leave no trace, we recommend you do the following to remove musty smell from your car.


Heat is great at removing must from your car, so turn on the heating or, if the weather allows you to, leave the car parked in the sun with the doors locked and the windows up. The aim is for the interior to reach a very high temperature inside, causing the mustiness to vanish.


If this option does not work, perhaps the musty smell is produced by bacteria inside the air conditioning ducts. If so, you need to take other measures. You need to clean the ducts in order to remove unwanted microorganisms and get rid of musty smell from your car.


The first thing to do is buy a specific spray in a specialized shop to clean the car's air conditioning ducts. Then you must spray on the inputs and outputs of the system. To do so, in this OneHowto article we show you how to get rid of bad smell from car air conditioner.


Then you have to operate the air conditioner for about half an hour to allow the product to circulate inside the ducts and remove the microorganisms that cause the musty smell in your car. We recommend you read our article on how to recharge your car air conditioning system at home.


Once you've removed the musty smell from your car you must be very careful that it doesn't happen again. If a liquid is split or people with wet clothes on get in your vehicle, dry it asap. Also, clean thoroughly when cleaning your car and you will see how this very unpleasant odor does not reappear.

You can learn how to clean fabric lined car seats or leather seats to avoid this happening again.

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