How To Remove Oil Smell From Your Car

How To Remove Oil Smell From Your Car

A smell of oil in your car may be indicative of a fault. You should never ignore this smell because your car could break down at any point and you'd be putting your life in danger. Possible components that might be faulty include the fuel tank, the carburetor and fuel filter. The smell might, on the other hand, simply be caused by some oil spillage onto your car's seats and floor. Here at OneHowTo, we'll explain in detail how to remove oil smell from your car.

Steps to follow:

As we mentioned above, a mechanical problem is the most likely cause of this smell. Therefore, the first thing to do to remove this smell of oil from your car is to get to the root of the problem.


Below, we'll explain some things that might cause your car to smell of oil:

  • Carburetor malfunction.
  • Fuel filter.
  • The canister.
  • Fuel tank.

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Only after getting to the root cause of the problem can you then effectively eliminate the smell of oil from your car.

If the oil is as a result of a spillage, cleaning the stain should quickly remove the smell. Before scrubbing with soapy water, you should first apply an oily cream to the area. This will help to dissolve the stain so that it is removed more easily and effectively.

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The smell of oil may come from the fuel filter, as with time it may get dirty and smells may get inside your car. If this is your case, then you will have to clean your fuel filter.

If you can't do it yourself you should take it to the mechanic's, who will make sure that is the source of the smell or if it's something more serious.


Now that your car is free of any oil stains, clean it from top to bottom to remove any trace of the smell. Empty everything from your car, including the mats. Then, vacuum the entire interior. Use liquid car cleaner to clean the dashboard and wipe away dust with a dry cloth. The seats can also be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.


After thoroughly cleaning the interior of your car, ventilate it for about half an hour to remove any last trace of oil. Park your car outside and open all of the doors. You could also hang an air freshener in your car to keep it smelling fabulously fresh.


Don't forget that the smell of oil in your car may be indicative of a major fault, so, get to the source of the smell and get expert advice from a mechanic.

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