How to Remove Pine Sap from your Car

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Remove Pine Sap from your Car

If you love nature and often do tours around the countryside it will not be uncommon for you to have gotten some sap on your clothes and, upon returning home, this has been stuck on the inside of the car. It may also be the case that some sap has dropped directly from the trees onto your vehicle's paintwork. Even if you soon notice the stain and act quickly it will not be easy to remove it and have the car looking as before, but you must try. In oneHOWTO we offer you a couple tips sou you can learn how to remove pine sap from your car.

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Steps to follow:

Pine sap is characterized by its gunky texture and great stickiness. It falls from trees and can easily stick to your clothes without you noticing. If you go on a camping trip and have the misfortune of staining yourself with resin it is likely that this will end up sticking to the seat or other area within your vehicle. Nor is it difficult for resin to fall directly on the outside, especially if you park under pine trees.


Use a professional product. The safest way to remove pine sap from your car, at least in terms of not damaging the material on which you apply it, is to use a product specifically developed to remove pine sap from the car. You can find it in most shops selling spare-parts and car accessories.


Use windscreen cleaner. If you do not want to spend money on a cleaner that you will probably only use once you can try the following alternative. This involves using a windscreen cleaner you would usually use for the car's windscreens to try and remove the sap stain on the car. The only risk is that, for example, if you apply it on the exterior paintworks it could leave a mark.

How to Remove Pine Sap from your Car - Step 3

Use olive oil. You can also use a home remedy to remove pine sap from the car. The first thing we suggest is that you apply a splash of olive oil directly on the stain and leave it to act for few minutes. Then remove it with a cloth and clean the area with soap and water.


Use 99% alcohol. The other option is to use alcohol to try and dissolve the pine sap stain. In this case do not apply directly on the area, it is preferable you use a cotton wool ball. You should soak this in alcohol and then rub the stain until there is no trace of pine sap on the car. Then wash with soap and water to stop the alcohol leaving further traces on the car.

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How to Remove Pine Sap from your Car
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How to Remove Pine Sap from your Car

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