How To Remove Sick Smell From Your Car

How To Remove Sick Smell From Your Car

If you travel with children on windy roads it is almost impossible to prevent car sickness and vomiting. Once you have already cleaned the car, you may notice a further unpleasant smell of vomit in the vehicle. This is normal because vomit is very acidic and the smell is difficult to remove completely. To help you get your car back to smelling fresh, at we explain how to remove sick smell from your car.

Steps to follow:

First of all, you should know that if the sick is still in the car, you should spread some bicarbonate soda on the affected area, let it stand for two hours and then use a vacuum to get rid of the residue.

Once you have done this, the first step to remove sick smell from the car is, after thoroughly cleaning the vomit, ventilate the car for a couple of hours. Leave the doors open, if possible, somewhere where the wind will reach it.


Then what you will try to do is to make the interior reach a high temperature so that any remaining odor in the seats is emitted. To do this, you can close the doors, wind up all the windows and turn on the heat.

If the weather allows you to do so, you'll simply leave it in the sun for half an hour, with all the doors closed and the windows up.


Then, ventilate the interior again, to remove the smell of vomit from the car, as indicated in the first step. Then there will no longer be a trace of the odor and you can take some additional measures for the car to smell good.


For example, you can use of a freshener. There are a wide variety of products to choose from, from a classic hanging air freshener, to modern electrical ones or ionizers.


You can also try home and natural remedies so that after you have removed the smell of vomit from the car the interior smells lovely, not just neutral. Citrus is great for this. You can put tangerine or orange peels inside the car and you'll notice how it starts to smell good. Take a look at our article on how to make a car smell good naturally for more ideas.


Whether you have leather or fabric lined seats, make sure you clean them every now and then to avoid smells from impregnating.

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  • Make sure you have properly removed all the sick residue so you can effectively get rid of the smell of vomit.