How To Remove The Catalyst From a Motorbike

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Remove The Catalyst From a Motorbike

The motorcycle catalyst serves an important function that has to do with environmental protection. It is responsible for making the gases leaving the engine of the vehicle less polluting and is a legal requirement for road going vehicles in most countries. This process of gas purification means there is a small loss of engine power. Though not recommended at all, next at we explain how to remove the catalyst from a motorbike.

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Steps to follow:

As we have said, the loss of engine power in the bike due to the process that the catalyst does to clean the gases expelled from the motorbike are minimal. In addition to the environmental issues, you must also keep in mind that if you remove the catalyst from the bike, your motorbike will contaminate more than the legal limit and you can get fined. You may even have trouble passing the annual check that is a requirement in most countries, such as the UK MOT.

How To Remove The Catalyst From a Motorbike - Step 1

If you are sure you want to remove the catalyst and understand the implications, the first step is to locate the catalyst. The first thing to do is consult the manual of your motorbike and locate this part on your exhaust. The manual will tell you that the catalyst is somewhere in the final part of the exhaust pipe, between the tail and the collectors.


To remove the catalyst from the motorbike you must first remove the exhaust. To do this, you have to use a screwdriver and remove the screws that hold in the part, the amount of screws will vary depending on the type of motorbike you have.


When you have removed the exhaust, release the catalyst by applying pressure on it. Before replacing the tube containing the catalyst and which holds it in place in the exhaust you must empty it of all its contents, notably the ceramic panel, so that the catalyst no longer doe sits function of cleaning the gases emitted by the motorbike.


With the catalyst empty snap it in back into place in the exhaust pipe and reassembles it on your bike, placing all screws previously taken out out.


Now that you know the process to remove the catalyst of the motorbike you should think long and hard about what it is you want to do. Besides making your bike more polluting you will have problems to pass an MOT and you may even get fined for excess pollution.

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How To Remove The Catalyst From a Motorbike
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How To Remove The Catalyst From a Motorbike

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