How To Remove Tobacco Smoke Smell From Your Car

How To Remove Tobacco Smoke Smell From Your Car

If you're someone who cares about having a spotless car, with the paint in good condition and immaculate upholstery, you will definitely want to avoid foul odors taking over your car, especially the stale smell associated with smoking. And although it seems difficult, it is possible remove the nasty smell of tobacco from your car and so your vehicle will smell fresh again. Here at OneHowTo we will explain exactly how to remove the smell of smoke from your car step by step.

Steps to follow:

If you or a friend sits in the car and has the habit of lighting up a cigarette, it is very likely that the vehicle upholstery will start acquire that nasty tobacco smell that can be extremely annoying. Because the vehicle seats and upholstery generally absorb the smell, especially when the windows aren't put down, removing this stinking odor may seem very difficult, but it is possible to remove it.


Start by washing your car periodically, at least monthly, cleaning and vacuuming the inside with dedication. Clean all the upholstery to remove dirt and to reduce the presence of the smell of smoking in your car. Also do not forget to install a good strong air freshener for your vehicle.


Coffee has an excellent flavor that has the property of absorbing those unpleasant odors that stink up your car. If you usually smoke in the car, every night leave at least three open cans that are full of coffee beans. Have them scattered around the car and the next day you will notice a change in the general smell inside your car. It is important that you use coffee beans as ground coffee works differently.


Sodium bicarbonate is another cheap and equally effective alternative. Commonly used to control nasty odors in confined spaces such as refrigerators or cabinets, it works great inside cars too. Distribute it in some open containers and leave it there all night long.


If you love citrus fruits, we have good news for you! They are fantastic fresheners also absorb pongs and odours. You can distribute several orange peels, tangerine peels or even grapefruit around the car and allow them to act overnight.


Of course, the best way to prevent the smell of tobacco from penetrating the upholstery of your car is by avoiding smoking in the vehicle, and if you have to light up, do so with the windows down. this is the only 100% effective way to control and prevent this annoying smell from ruining your car. Take a look at how to get rid of smoke smell from your clothes too if it has impregnated what you are wearing too.

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