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How To Replace Brake Pads On A Car

How To Replace Brake Pads On A Car

If you want to drive safely, be sure to always keep your car's brake pads in good condition. These parts are responsible for slowing the wheels and, therefore, the whole vehicle. If they are not in good condition, your chances of having an accident are much higher. So how often do you need to carry out this important car maintenance task?

Well,as with most things - it depends. There is no specific time limit as it depends on how you drive, the road surfaces that you travel on or if you drive mostly on the motorway or in the city. It is best to get them checked every 12,000 miles approximately. If the time has come to change them, pay attention to the following OneHowTo tips on how to change your car's brake pads.

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First make sure that they actually need changing. Brake pads work by tightening around the brake disc, producing the friction needed to make the wheels stop turning. These pads are protected by a coating and a metal support that loses effectiveness every time you brake. When they are too worn, they don't exert enough pressure on the brake disc and the car can't brake as effectively, a very dangerous situation to be in when driving.

Today, most cars have warning lights to let you know about the condition of your brake pads and brake fluid level. If, however, your car is a bit older, you will have to remove a wheel and check the thickness of the pads yourself. If they really are worn, it's time to change them.


First, the car has be raised up in order to remove the wheel where we need to work. To do this, use the jack and to help, you should turn the steering wheel towards the wheel that we need to work on. Once you've done this, we will use a wheel brace to unscrew the wheel and to access the brake pads. Make sure to park your car on flat ground for this task.


Once you have removed the tire, you will see the brake system, made up of the disc, calipers and pads. Check the discs for signs of wear.

To open the brake calipers and access the pads, use a spanner or a screwdriver to remove the two screws holding them in place and take them out. By doing this, we now have access to the pads.


Take out the old pads and replace them with a brand new ones that you can buy at any car parts store. Once in place, you need to compress and set the brake piston to fit them and once this is done, close up the disc and tighten the two screws. Now you have the new pads ready to go.


You can now put the tire back into place and repeat the same process on the other three wheels. To make the most of changing the pads, check the brake fluid level, and to check the brakes before driving, step on the brake pedal a few times while the car is still parked, until you feel the brakes get hard, so that the pistons are set in the correct position.


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How To Replace Brake Pads On A Car
How To Replace Brake Pads On A Car