How to Sell a Second-Hand Motorbike - Best Tips

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Sell a Second-Hand Motorbike - Best Tips

Has the time come to sell your motorbike and get rid of it? If you are considering selling your two-wheeled transportation, it is important that you take a series of factors into account that will help you sell your bike quickly and for a good price. Some sure-fire ways of selling a motorbike is to have all the necessary documentation at hand; take care of its appearance; guarantee that it's in optimal condition and, finally, use the best means of publicising it with an effective advert that outshines competitors. Keep reading this OneHowTo article for best tips to learn how to sell a second-hand bike, to which you should pay close attention.

Steps to follow:

Selling your bike can be much easier if, in addition to the official documentation, you have other documents with which the buyer can check maintenance and care you have given your bike until now. Therefore, if you have everything to hand, e.g. the servicing book, the manual, invoices for the last repairs or MOT reports, we recommend that you let this be known in the advert. All this will inspire greater trust for potential buyers, who, on account of this, will be more likely to reach an agreement with you than with other sellers.


First impressions are important and, for many, have a definitive bearing on the final decision. If you want to sell your bike as soon as possible, make sure it looks clean and free of accumulated dirt or dust. By simply taking a few minutes to perform a thorough wash, checking nooks and crannies and paintwork, you'll have your motorbike ready. Also, give it a good dusting so that it shines and looks its very best. Do this before you meet with a prospective buyer and before you take the photos you're going to put up on the advert.

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Just as important as it is to have the bike super clean is the need to ensure that all its parts are in good condition and that its performance is adequate. Otherwise, your vehicle will give the impression that it's a lot older than what it really is and, without doubt, this will make it more difficult for someone to part with their money.

In this regard, we advise you to change the parts that are most worn and to also check the condition of the wheels. You should also consider the possibility of whether it requires a new battery. A small upfront investment can increase the current value of your bike considerably, making the sale more successful for both parties.


Today, most people who are interested in selling their motorbikes use websites specialising in the sale of second-hand vehicles. This is a sure-fire way of reaching a wider audience and make the process faster. However, before you embark on this route, you'll need to create a good ad, in which you give details of all the features of the bike and that is very appealing and attractive. To do this, you should consider the following tips:

  • It should include many photographs of the bike, showing it from different perspectives and highlighting the quality of the bike. Post images of those parts or elements that are in better condition and are new. If there is some type of defect, it is of equal importance that you show the prospective buyer so that they're not left surprised when it comes to viewing the bike. They should have a clear idea of the condition that the vehicle is in.
  • Provide a detailed description of the bike, covering important features such as the mileage, the registration year and the documents it has, as detailed above.
  • Be careful with the writing and spelling because a badly written ad full of typos could play the deciding role in whether the buyer goes ahead with the sale or not.
  • Don't forget to provide a contact number or email.
  • Try to establish an attractive price which is in line with market prices. Check out other adverts to get an idea.
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Although the websites specialising in the sale of used vehicles are an option, do not limit yourself to using them alone. Browse through motorbike forums, consult mechanics in which you could leave your ad, or, alternatively, hang posters in your area. All these strategies will help you find people who are interested in buying your bike and will accelerate the selling process.

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How to Sell a Second-Hand Motorbike - Best Tips
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How to Sell a Second-Hand Motorbike - Best Tips

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