How To Unlock A Car When The Keys Are Locked In

How To Unlock A Car When The Keys Are Locked In

There are times when you lose your car keys, forget them somewhere, but the worst is when you somehow manage to lock your keys inside your car itself. If you have ever done that, you can understand how frustrating a situation that can be. Calling a locksmith can be time-consuming, and expensive too. So, here at, we have put together some information about how to unlock a car when the keys are locked in.

Steps to follow:

If your car lock unlocks by pulling up, then the readiest tool you have to open your car is your shoelace. Drag a shoelace from your sneakers, tie a small loop in its middle, and try to work the shoelace into your car’s door. You will need some practice to grab the lock with this loop. As soon as it gets hold on the lock, tight the loop around it and pull it up. This method seems too easy to be true, but you can definitely do it with some time and practice.


If you have a wire hanger that is usually used to hang coats, then you can successfully use one of these to unlock your car door from the outside. Take a wire hanger, untwist it, make a hook in its end, and let it go into your car window’s weather stripping. Now, you have to move it around until you reach your car lock. This may take a few minutes, but its worth the money you save by not calling the locksmith or a tow truck.


You can use an inflatable wedge to force open the car door without causing any damage to the car’s body or paint. Insert a wedge into the top right corner of the driver side door, and start inflating the wedge. Once enough space is created, you can insert an access tool to reach the car lock.


Instead of calling a locksmith in an emergency, have a spare car key already stored in a safe place. Remember, any service provider will charge you extra for emergency services. By having a spare key, you will be saved from frustration and waste of time as well. Keep an extra key anywhere in your home, and use it to unlock the car easily, in case your happen to leave the keys locked inside.


Now that you have tried all the possible methods to unlock your car without the keys, it is better not to force it open with metal tools, as it can cause serious damage to the body and paint of your car. It is better to call an emergency car locksmith in the end, and have the issue resolved professionally.

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