Should I Buy A Hybrid Vehicle

By Michael Riley. Updated: January 20, 2017
Should I Buy A Hybrid Vehicle

When it comes to buying a new car there can seem to be an overwhelming amount of choice in the market. Nowadays, as well as the conventional petrol and diesel engines available, there are also hybrid vehicles and fully electric cars available. Hybrid cars can be more expensive to purchase, but this expense can be recouped through savings from reduced running costs.

However it can be hard to know if this decision will pay off, and it is difficult to know for sure whether buying a hybrid vehicle is the right decision for you and the environment. So if you are considering a hybrid but you are still unsure whether you should buy a hybrid vehicle then OneHowTo have put together a quick guide to help you decide.

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Should You Buy a Hybrid: Deciding Factors

If you are asking yourself the question should I buy a hybrid, the correct answer depends on how you plan to use your new car and what kind of driving you will be doing the most, among other things. Hybrid cars are great for shorter, lower speed journeys where they get a much better mpg than other vehicles, but for highway cruising they may not be the best option. Below are the key variables to consider:

  • Annual mileage and driving style
  • State subsidies, tax credits and reduced fuel consumption
  • Initial purchase cost vs. lifetime savings
  • Environmental impact
Should I Buy A Hybrid Vehicle - Should You Buy a Hybrid: Deciding Factors

Annual Mileage and Driving Style

These two factors need to be considered together. You can use your annual mileage to calculate fuel costs, but this should be done taking into account whether those miles are mostly on the highway with cruise control, or stop-start city driving. You can then look at the fuel efficiency of hybrid and conventional vehicles under the different driving conditions to work out which one performs best for your main driving style.

Should I Buy A Hybrid Vehicle - Annual Mileage and Driving Style

State Subsidies, Tax Credits and Reduced Fuel Consumption

As we have mentioned, buying a hybrid can be expensive. This is because of the higher cost of a dual fuel drive-train and the extra technology and hardware that is needed, which can represent a 20% hike in the initial purchase costs. However, because of their reduced emissions, many state or local governments will offer some kind of subsidies or tax credits for greener vehicles. Do your research and find out what kind of help is available in your region.

Should I Buy A Hybrid Vehicle - State Subsidies, Tax Credits and Reduced Fuel Consumption

Purchase Cost Vs. Lifetime Savings

By now you should have collected a fair amount of information about the likely costs and savings you could make should you buy a hybrid vehicle. Now its time to sit down with a calculator and work out how much you will save over the lifetime of the vehicle. You can also factor in potential resale value if you plan to sell the car after say, 5 years, so do your research and get the full economic picture before you make any big decisions.

Should I Buy A Hybrid Vehicle - Purchase Cost Vs. Lifetime Savings

Environmental Impact

Last, but certainly not least, is the effect of a hybrid vehicle on the planet. After all, isn't that the real reason that most hybrids are sold? Its undoubtedly true that reduced emissions are a great thing for the environment, but you should also carefully consider the environmental impact. After all, this is most likely still a vehicle which requires fossil fuels to run, and certainly used lots of fossil fuel to manufacture. In addition, the extraction of the rare minerals required for the battery technology in hybrids can have a significant and harmful impact on the local environment. Again, you can do your research here, this time by contacting the manufacturers of hybrid vehicles, or maybe a relevant NGO which may have information about this kind of thing.

By now you should be much closer to answering the question of should I buy a hybrid vehicle?

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Should I Buy A Hybrid Vehicle
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Should I Buy A Hybrid Vehicle

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