The Reason why Seatbelts Are so Important

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
The Reason why Seatbelts Are so Important

Using a seatbelt in a vehicle will avoid a high percentage of deaths caused by traffic accidents, this is what investigations and studies say. It has been proven that the seatbelt is the most efficient security tool to prevent any consequences of a traffic accident. This article for will explain the reasons why seatbelts are so important. Always wear it and protect your life on the road.

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Steps to follow:

The seat belt's main function is to subject and keep the passenger in place to minimize wounds in case of collision, avoiding the person flying off, getting hit by hard elements inside the car and getting moved around the car. Remember the safety belt is a life insurance, so don't forget, always tie your belt and drive safely.


It doesn't mater if you're going for a short journey, medium or long distance, in the city, on a highway, etc. it's mandatory to always wear your seatbelt as the majority of traffic accidents that happen are unpredictable, and you never know if you're going to be in this situation at any time.


You should also take into account, that the use of seatbelts is as important in the back seats as in the front seats of a vehicle. Wearing seatbelts in the back not only protects passengers who are sitting there, but also reduces risk in the driver and co-driver's death in the event of an accident. It's proven that a passenger weighing 50 kg (110lb) who is travelling at the back of a vehicle circulating at 31 mph can produce strength to up to 6613lb directed to the front seats.

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To understand the importance of wearing your seatbelt it's necessary to know what happens in a car's interior in case of an accident. At the moment there's a collision, there are two impacts on the vehicle: the first is the actual collision, and thesecondis the collision of the car occupants which can throw them out of it. Think that when you crash, the vehicle stops abruptly but passengers are still travelling at the same speed, and the impact can even be mortal.


Before starting your vehicle, it's fundamental to dedicate some seconds to put our seatbelts on correctly. The bottom part of the belt must always be on top of your thighs and never on the abdomen. It's also important to adjust the height of the top part of the belt so it's not too high or low, the correct position is to adjust it so the belt leans slightly on your shoulder and is totally centered.


All these are the reasons why wearing a seatbelt is essential to protect your life behind the wheel and of those who are with you in the car and, of course, cannot be substituted with other methods.

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The Reason why Seatbelts Are so Important
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The Reason why Seatbelts Are so Important

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