What to Do if your Car Smells like Gasoline

What to Do if your Car Smells like Gasoline

Knowing what to do if your car smells like gasoline will give you the resources to act properly to a problem that is not terribly uncommon. A well-maintained vehicle means less of a chance that it will smell of gasoline inside the car. In any case, you should certainly never overlook this problem and you should fix it as soon as possible. On oneHOWTO we go over what to do if your car smells like gasoline.

Steps to follow:

Damaged fuel tank. In most cases, the reason why your car smells like gasoline is because the fuel tank is damaged. It is not often the case in new cars, but rather in older cars which are not reviewed annually by a mechanic. In these cases, you should take your car to the garage to be examined so your fuel tank problem can be properly solved.


Carburetor malfunction. A carburetor malfunction could also cause such a problem. If your car smells like gasoline, you may need to clean the carburetor, which may be clogged or hindered by a very dirty filter. Clogs and dirty fuel filters result in less air in the mixture and then the smell of gasoline engulfs the car.


Broken fuel filter. A fuel filter which is not tight or which is broken can also cause this problem. This piece is very cheap but changing the part is somewhat complicated and involves risks, so it is preferable to leave it to a professional. To make sure this doesn't happen again, change your car fuel filter periodically.


Check the system hoses. The canister may be causing the odor. In this case, if your car smells like gasoline, you need to check the system hoses and replace the carbon filter. The canister, which has an environmental function of neutralizing gases that arise from burning gasoline, can fail and cause the odor too.


Broken tank. A broken tank or cracked gasoline line also can cause smells in your car. Another symptom of this problem is that you will notice an increase in fuel consumption. If your car smells like gasoline, in this case, you must take the car to a mechanic to repair the fault.


Prevention is key. Periodic car revisions will help you avoid many of the failures described in this article. In other cases, problems are inevitable, but if you avoid going to the mechanic, the consequences are greater - even fatal. Always check if your car is under warranty and if the manufacturer should be responsible for the repair.


Get rid of the smell. Once you have found the source of the problem and fixed it, you may still notice the smell of gasoline. Take a look at how to get rid of oil smell in order to get your car back to normal.

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