How To Clean A Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Clean A Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe

Knowing how to clean a motorcycle exhaust will ensure that it stays in good condition and that the vehicle doesn't lose power. Thus, when the exhaust pipe collects too much waste, the motorbike might lose power and make a loud, unpleasant noise. To help with this maintenance task, we at will explain exactly how to clean a motorcycle exhaust pipe.

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When cleaning the exhaust pipe of a motorcycle, what we are doing is removing excessive carbon and soot that accumulates as a result of engine operation to prevent the motorcycle from losing power.


The solution we give you to clean this piece is to remove the exhaust and use a mixture of caustic soda and water to clean the inside and get rid of the accumulated soot.

How To Clean A Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe - Step 2

This is an abrasive and toxic chemical, so remember to protect your body and hands, wearing gloves. Also wear protective goggles to protect the eyes and a mask to avoid breathing in toxic fumes. Clean the exhaust in a well-ventilated place/outside.

How To Clean A Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe - Step 3

Before cleaning the exhaust pipe, first you'll need to remove it. The complexity of this will depend on the make of our motorbike. If you do not know how to do this check the bike's manual beforehand.


Once you have removed the exhaust pipe, find a large container in which the exhaust can fit and place it in a well-ventilated place to reduce the likelihood of inhaling toxic fumes. As we stated above, remember to protect your eyes, respiratory system and hands. Cover one end of the exhaust pipe to keep the caustic soda inside and, at the other end, tip in the toxic product (around one kilo or two pounds, three ounces).


To continue cleaning the exhaust pipe, shake it to spread the caustic soda around evenly. Then, carefully pour 2 litres of boiling water, avoiding being splashed by any of the product. Then, in a large bucket with water, submerge the exhaust pipe, leaving it for around 24 hours.


After this time, to finish the process of cleaning the exhaust pipe, remove the water and caustic soda and take it to a secure place for reuse or disposal. Rinse the exhaust well with a hose, let it dry and place it back on the motorbike. Your exhaust should now be in top condition so that your motorcycle can function well without losing power.

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How To Clean A Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe
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How To Clean A Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe

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