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What to Do if You Run Out of Oil in the Car 

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By Max. D Gray. March 17, 2017
What to Do if You Run Out of Oil in the Car 

Do you know what happens if you run out of oil in your car? You should keep your vehicle properly maintained as the consequences for the engine are very serious and costly. If, due to a fault in the reservoir or you've neglected replacing the oil and your car runs out, vital car operating parts will be damaged and you'll have to spend a lot of money to repair it. In this oneHOWTO article, we explain in detail what do I do if I run out of oil in the car?

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Steps to follow:


You should understand the importance of doing everything possible to avoid running out of oil in your car. This liquid lubricates the engine parts so that they do not damage each other during operation. In addition, oil also helps to keep the engine cool and clean it, by removing traces of carbon.

Note that you should change your oil every 18000 miles approximately, though this will depend on how often you use it.


If you run out of oil in the car , you run the risk of the engine melting, and the connecting rod leaving the crankshaft. Due to a lack of lubrication between the parts, the engine becomes scratched or even holes can appear. As you can imagine, repairing damage of this magnitude is very costly from an economic point of view.

In fact, oil does not usually run out, so if you notice that oil is reducing quickly, this will indicate there is a bigger problem in your car, such as a damaged oil pan, this is why it's important to follow these instructions carefully.


The indicator panel of your car has a signal to warn you about low oil pressure. It's recommended that if the signal is approaching the red area, go to your mechanic to change the oil or do it yourself. Your car may also have an icon with image of an oil can that lights up if there are problems with the oil, instead of this indicator.

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If the signal has failed and you run out of oil when you are driving, you'll notice a creaking sound from the engine because the parts have degreased and have started to rub against each other. Do not think twice and stop your car as soon as possible. Although you can't probably avoid a major breakdown, the sooner the engine is stopped, the less serious the consequences.


Do not try to replace the oil yourself before the car has been seen by a mechanic. Undoubtedly, your engine has been damaged by a lack of oil and must be towed or inspected by a mechanic.

If your car has stopped on the road due to a lack of oil, make sure you pull over safely on the curb and use the security triangles at a distance of 50 meters from your car. Call your insurance company and wait for the professionals to tow your vehicle.


Remain alert for any signal indicating that your car may be leaking oil to avoid it running out. If you see a sticky patch under your vehicle when you've left it parked up, go to a car mechanic as soon as possible. Sometimes air conditioning fluid will appear under your car, but it's never viscous in appearance.


It's very serious if your car runs out of oil, so keep your car well maintained to prevent it from ever happening. In this article we explain how to measure the level of car oil.

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What to Do if You Run Out of Oil in the Car