How to change antifreeze in your car

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to change antifreeze in your car

Although we all know about antifreeze, it's necessary to know that the name of this liquid is engine coolant, as its main function is to cool the engine. Moreover, it also avoids freezing of the circuit under extreme temperatures, hence its name. It's a key element in our car's engine, so you should know how to change antifreeze in your car and learn its correct maintenance.

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Steps to follow:

First of all, we should say there isn't an exact period of time expected to change antifreeze in your car, but you certainly do need to do it, as this element loses its properties as time goes by. So, we usually change antifreeze every 2 years or every 40.000 km, guaranteeing its perfect state.


At the same time, your car's handbook should tell you the kind of antifreeze you should use so it works properly. You should also take into account the temperature of the place you live in, in order to choose the most suitable antifreeze:

  • 10% antifreeze: effective up to -5ºC (23ºF) .
  • 20% antifreeze: works correctly up to -11ºC (12.2ºF) .
  • 30% antifreeze: for temperatures as low as -18ºC (0.4ºF).
  • 50%antifreeze: long lasting antifreeze, adequate for -37ºC (-34ºF).

The first thing you should do in order to change your car's antifreeze is to completely empty the refrigerating circuit to get rid of all the old liquid, which will probably have lost all of its properties. You should always open the refrigerating system with a cool engine - with a screw, drain plug or whatever sealing method your car uses - and let it empty completely.


In the same way, we recommend you clean it with pressurized water - with a hose for example- to clean the refrigeration system properly, keeping the emptying screw off so the water can come out. If it has valves to purge, you should also use them.


Next, close the screw or drain plug and start filling the deposit with antifreeze. You'll find a minimum and maximum mark that will indicate the quantity of antifreeze you're filling.

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How to change antifreeze in your car
How to change antifreeze in your car

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