How To Check Fuel Pump Injection Timing

By Sheetal B. Updated: August 22, 2019
How To Check Fuel Pump Injection Timing

A fuel injection pump is an important component of engines that operate on diesel fuel. A fuel injection pump is the part responsible for pumping fuel to the cylinders, that in turn determine the power that can be generated by the engine. They are used in tractors, marine engineering and road vehicles.

So why is a fuel injection pump and its timing important? The right amount of fuel and its timing are extremely critical because it regulates the combustion of fuel and the speed of the engine. Therefore, maintaining precise timing is important every time the timing belt of an engine has been replaced or adjusted. oneHOWTO shows you this by explaining how to check fuel pump injection timing.

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How is the fuel pump injection controlled?

If you decide to do this yourself, it makes sense to first go through the user manual for the engine you are working on in some detail. If you have a newer diesel engine, its quite likely that the fuel injection system will be electronically controlled, so you will need to take it to an approved dealer to have the work carried out. Diesel fuel injection pump timing issues are more common in older engines and might be more commonly experienced by owners of old roadsters, tractors or similar engines.

If it is an older diesel engine with a mechanical fuel injection pump, you will need to check for the type of crankshafts, pipes, cylinders, gears etc of your model. You should check before starting the work, as making adjustments to a fuel injection pump could present warranty voiding issues.

How To Check Fuel Pump Injection Timing - How is the fuel pump injection controlled?

How to set diesel injection pump timing

In order to ensure the timing is correct on a mechanical fuel injection pump, first rotate the engine to the top dead center (TDC) and engage the TDC timing pin with the camshaft gear. Then remove the timing pin access plug from the injection pump and verify if the slot in the pin will fit over the timing tooth of the pump.

Next, carefully replace the pump to correct the timing, adjusting and readjusting the timing pin and access plug in the injection pump. Lastly, disengage the timing pin from the camshaft gear. You may want to read more about when to replace your timing belt for more information.

What are the Symptoms of Engine Pump Timing Problems?

Incorrect fuel injection pump timing leads to reduced performance of the engine and can cause engine misfiring or other less obvious symptoms. It also causes over-consumption of fuel, excessive smoke production, loss of power and problems starting the engine as well. The extent of the problem will also depend on how far off is the timing, i.e. if the timing is only slightly off, there may be minimal or not symptoms.

There are also similar diesel engine problems which can lead to similar issues. If the fuel line is dirty, for example, then smoke might billow from the exhaust. This is why it is often important to go to a mechanic as our own diagnostic tests may not be sufficient.

So next time you feel your car is not running smoothly, misfiring or giving out excessive smoke, the fuel injection pump timing is only one possible culprit, so take it to your mechanic to get the problem diagnosed.

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How To Check Fuel Pump Injection Timing
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How To Check Fuel Pump Injection Timing
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How To Check Fuel Pump Injection Timing

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