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What Is The Difference Between A Manual And Automatic Car

What Is The Difference Between A Manual And Automatic Car

So, you are planning to buy a car but you feel confused between the manual and automatic transmission? This article will help you in deciding which one would be more suitable for you. In this article we will discuss: what is the difference between a manual and automatic car?.

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Gear Shifting

The first difference is in the area of Gear shifting. In a manual car the gear is shifted by the driver manually according to change in speed. But in automatic car, the gear shift is done automatically by the car.


Controlling RPMs

While driving a Manual car, the RPM i.e. revolutions per minute is kept within the necessary range. But in an Automatic car, when you put the car in your drive, the transmission takes over the job and keeps the RPMs within range.

Ease of driving

Manual is more challenging to use as it requires a learning curve. But automatic is known for its ease of driving as it requires less concentration and hence less stress.

While driving

While driving a manual car, the driver should coordinate between the clutch, throttle and gears so that there is no damage in transmission. But there is no such hassle in an automatic car.

Control of Vehicle

In a manual car, the driver is more in control of the vehicle. But in automatic car it is not so. Automatic is easier to drive in stop - and – go traffic.

Location of Gear shift

In a manual car, the gear shift is located on the floor. In an automatic car, the gear shift can be located either on the floor or on the steering wheel.

Repair cost

The difference between a manual car and an automatic car when it comes to repairs is that it needs very few repairs and hence its repair cost is low. But the repair cost of an automatic car is quite high.


Manual cars have a low purchase price than the automatic one. Usually the manual ones are about $1000 less than their automatic counterparts.

Preference in a race

Manual cars are preferred by race car drivers as its speed can be controlled and the driver has the maximum control of the car.

Driver and car

In manual cars, both the hands and feet of the driver are engaged as they have to hold the steering wheel with both hands and use both legs to control the speed. But in an automatic car the left leg of the driver is free and hence not required for driving.

Stress meter

Studies have shown that the drivers of manual cars are more at stress than those of automatic car. The heartbeat of manual car drivers also beats faster than the driver of automatic cars.

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Lewis Stewart
Automatic cars are easy to drive and safety also. In manual cars we have to control over brakes ,gears and drive carefully, but in automatic cars we can easily do any thing. Automatic cars are costly than manual cars. Repair for automatic car is high and less time consuming than the manual cars ,which takes years and years for repairing. Automatic cars need less stress and concentration but manual cars are difficult which requires an idea of learning curve. I am having an Audi car which is automatic.

What Is The Difference Between A Manual And Automatic Car
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What Is The Difference Between A Manual And Automatic Car