Why Is My Motorcycle Using So Much Gas

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
Why Is My Motorcycle Using So Much Gas

The reason that a motorbike uses a lot of petrol is usually due to a mechanical or adjustment problem. If you maintain your motorbike well and use parts recommended by the manufacturer when making replacements, you should have no problems. The way you ride the motorbike can also affect the fuel consumption. At OneHowTo we have the answer to the question of why your motorbike is using so much gas.

Steps to follow:

Dirty air filters. This is the most common answer to the question of why a motorbike uses too much fuel. If you have this problem, check the air entering the engine. With normal use, you should change the air filter every 30,000 kilometres. However, if you ride regularly on dusty terrain, you should perform this maintenance task more frequently.

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Badly adjusted choke or throttle. The choke lever of a bike is on the left side of the carburettor and, if misplaced, can cause the bike to use a lot of petrol. Sometimes when the bike is very cold, it is necessary to use this lever to start it. However, afterwards remember to adjust the choke back to its regular position to prevent the aforementioned increase in fuel consumption.


Hard Riding. If you ride very aggressively with unnecessary acceleration and braking, you will cause, among other things, an increased use of petrol in your bike. In addition, you are reducing the life of your vehicle and causing increased wear of the engine and parts of the bike. It is also important that you consider the environment and opt for efficient driving.

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Inadequate spark plugs. If you've changed the spark plug of the bike and have opted for a model that is not recommended by the manufacturer, this may be the cause of your bike using so much petrol. In general, whenever you do maintenance work or modifications on your bike, purchase quality parts and those recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle.


Idle speed adjustment. It is possible that your bike is using so much petrol because the engine is accelerated. You can adjust the idle speed with a dial on the carburetor. Consult the manual of your bike to regulate it or go to a mechanic. What you spend on professional services you will save in the long run with less fuel consumption.

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We recommend that you read this article on how to care for your motorbike to avoid the appearance of problems such as excessive fuel consumption and to extend the life of your bike.

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Why Is My Motorcycle Using So Much Gas
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Why Is My Motorcycle Using So Much Gas

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