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Why Won't My Bike Start

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 25, 2017
Why Won't My Bike Start

The answer to the question why does my bike not start may be because of a burnt out battery, damage to the spark plug, clogging the carburetor or air cleaner or even poor quality fuel. In any case, good upkeep of your bike will reduce the chances of this actually happening. At OneHowTo we answer the question of why won't your bike start.

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Steps to follow:


If your bike won't start you may have run out of battery. To verify the reason for the problem, check the level of the horn or lights, if you have less power in sound and lighting respectively, than usual, clearly the battery is the cause of your bike not starting.

If you have verified this is the problem then at OneHowTo we show you how to charge a motorcycle battery.

Why Won't My Bike Start - Step 1

If the spark plug is damaged the bike will not start. In this case, you must replace it. Before fitting a new one, check that it is right for your bike and also clean the connectors while you're doing the job. It is a simple job but if in doubt it is best to take the bike to a garage for a professional to do it.


Another reason that your bike does not start may be that the carburetor is so dirty that it prevents the bike from starting up. At this point, it should be noted that a good way to clean it is by using gasoline. Anyway, we make the same recommendation as in the previous step: go to your mechanic if you're not sure how.

Why Won't My Bike Start - Step 3

This is not the usual cause, but bad fuel or the fact that water may have entered the tank can eventually cause the bike not to start. Checking if gasoline is mixed with water is simple, you just have to remove a small amount of the deposit and monitor if it has small bubbles, which would indicate that water has actually reached the fuel.


The fact that the air filter is dirty may be another reason why your bike will not start. The function of this part is to ensure that only clean air enters the engine. If dust, sand or other items were to get in this could cause, among other things, the bike to not start.


In any case, good maintenance of your bike will help to stop a situation where your bike will not start from happening. If you finally have to go to the mechanic, explain in detail the checks that you have personally done so you can solve the problem as soon as possible.

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Why Won't My Bike Start