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How To Change Motorcycle Engine Oil

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Change Motorcycle Engine Oil

As well as regularly checking your oil level, a motorbike oil change is an important maintenance task which should be performed every 5,000 or 10,000 kilometers, in accordance with a manufacturer's recommendations found in your manual. To extend the life of your bike it is important you perform appropriate oil changes, as this liquid plays a key role in the engine's functioning. In this article we detail how to change motorbike oil.

You'll need:

  • Key for the drain cap, oil, funnel and collecting tray.
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Steps to follow:


First, you need to access the oil tank in order to change the bike's oil. Its location varies depending on the model so check your bike's manual so you can go straight to it. You may need to remove a few components to get access to the tank.

How To Change Motorcycle Engine Oil - Step 1

Once you've found the oil tank in order to change the bike's oil, you'll notice two caps. One belongs to the drain at the bottom, and the other is to fill the oil at the top. The first stage of the process consists of opening the filler cap by hand to allow air into the oil tank.


Then place a container under the bike to allow you to collect the old oil. Then you'll need to open the drain cap, so you'll need the appropriate key for it. Make sure you perform the operation when it's cold, to avoid any risk of being burnt by the oil. After a few minutes, when no more oil comes out of the tank, remove the drip tray and store the old oil for recycling at a collection point.


Whilst you have access to the oil tank to change the bike's oil, make the most of this opportunity by changing the oil filter as well. When you've changed it, put the drain cap back on the oil tank. If you want the oil to flow faster, you'll need to perform the operation whilst the oil's hot. However, this is not advisable given the hazard of potentially burning yourself.


Now, you can change the bike's oil by replacing the oil with new oil through the filler cap, using a funnel. You're best using oil recommended by the manufacturer, as this will help to lengthen your particular bike's engine life. Finally, close the top cap by securing it tightly to prevent leaks.


Then, you only need to reassemble the pieces you removed to access the bike's oil tank. The complexity of this operation depends on the type of bike you have. We recommend you read this article on basic bike care so you keep abreast of the maintenance you need to do.

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How To Change Motorcycle Engine Oil