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How To Clean A Fuel Injector At Home

How To Clean A Fuel Injector At Home

Like all car parts, fuel injectors gather dirt and can eventually become clogged; they have to be cleaned regularly. You will know they are due for a thorough clean if your car runs less for more gas, or if your engine does not respond as well as it used to. While a mechanic will clean them perfectly, you may have to spend some amount of money. Luckily, with a specifically designed cleaning kit, a compressed air hose and a screwdriver, you can clean them yourself. We have already told you how to clean your fuel filter; today at oneHOWTO we will show you how to clean a fuel injector at home with a simple step by step guide.

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Steps to follow:


While you can take the fuel injectors out altogether to clean them completely, there are cleaning kits available.They should come with a canister of cleaning solvent, a gauge to determine fuel pressure and a hose that is attached to the fuel injuector and fuel rail.These kits clean the injectors with solvents, and they are less of a hassle than the other option if you want to clean them at home.

In this oneHOWTO article, we'll explain how to clean them with a kit. though most cleaning kits are safe for any vehicle, you will have to ensure it is compatible with your engine. Otherwise, you may need adapters.

How To Clean A Fuel Injector At Home - Step 1

First of all, read your vehicle's engine layout in the manual in order to locate the fuel injectors and fuel pump. Then, take the pump out and disable it. Connect its fuel return line or insert a U-tube in it so that any gas gets redirected to the tank itself. Be careful during this process.

Then, disconnect the pressure regulator.

As always, refer to your car's manual if you are unsure on how to disconnect the fuel pump or insert a U-tube.

How To Clean A Fuel Injector At Home - Step 2

When you have disconnected the pressure regulator, check you have disabled everything correctly. You can do this by trying to turn the ignition on.

Hook up the fuel injector cleaning kit with the fuel port that you can find on the fuel rail. You'll be able to find this kit in specialized shops or on the Internet. You will also need a compressed air hose; attach it to the kit. The kit will come with instructions about the necessary pressure.

Make sure the injectors have no exposure to fuel as the cleaner is highly flammable.

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How To Clean A Fuel Injector At Home - Step 3

Before starting to your diy fuel injector cleaning at home, take off the cap of the gas tank. This will ensure that the pressure from the kit is not getting built up within the system.


Keep the ignition turned off to be certain that the engine does not get turned over. Also make sure to turn off the pump as an extra precaution.


Wait for the fuel pressure to reach the number that matches the number of the vehicle and then open the canister’s valve. You will find this number in the instructions manual that came with the cleaning kit, or the service manual of your vehicle.


Turn on the engine so that the solvent runs through the fuel injectors and cleans them thoroughly. Double check that the pump is off before you do this. Stop when the car’s engine automatically turns off or when you have used up all of the solvent. This will take about 5 to 10 minutes, give or take.


Remove the cleaner and place the cap back on.


Attach the pressure regulator vacuum hose.


Turn on the engine and verify that your fuel injector is working properly. Listen to the rapid clicking sound, which is a sign of proper engine working. You should also drive the vehicle a short distance to ensure it is running smoothly. Otherwise, if you identify any abnormal sounds or aren't sure you did it right, you can always check with a mechanic.

That's all you have to do! Now you can also learn how to improve the performance of your car's engine or how to measure the oil level.

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Hi is there any other way to clean motor car engine injectors then with a cleaning kit I have took my injectors out how can i cleam them with my hamds and injectors cleaning cleaning fluid You help will be highly appreciated
Jasper Whiteside
Thank you for this useful guide on cleaning fuel injectors. They should be cleaned relatively often depending on manufacturers recommendations. It may be a little expensive to have a professional do it, but the benefits are considerable. The increased fuel flow will improve your car's power output as well as the fuel economy. The added MPG's will doubtless make up for the cost of the service.
a mechanic friend of mine told me about an automotive trainer that comes to their shop once a year to update them on new products and techniques told them that of all the readily available injector cleaners Techron performs the best.
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How To Clean A Fuel Injector At Home