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How to Clean Your Fuel Filter

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How to Clean Your Fuel Filter

Your car’s fuel filter is responsible for preventing impurities in the gas from entering the engine. Even the slightest of impurity can clog your carburetor or fuel injection line. So, it is important to learn how to clean your fuel filter so that your car keeps working at its best. A dirty fuel filter can cause your engine to not work properly, as the flow of gas is restricted. This will cause the car to lose power and responsiveness. Another symptom that your fuel filter might be dirty is the car having a hard start or not starting at all.

The state in which you keep your fuel filter will be decisive for the correct functioning of your car, so it's very important to keep it clean and well maintained. Read this OneHowTo article and find out how to clean your fuel filter.

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You will need:

First of all, find your car’s fuel filter. Start with the fuel line, as it will come into your carburator or fuel injector. Trace it back to reach your fuel filter. This will be a small plastic or metal canister placed in the line.


Screw the hose clamps on the fuel line at a distance of around 4 inches from the filter on both exit and entrance hose. Tighten the clamps using a flat-head screw driver. Close the hose using the clamps, so that no gasoline gets sprayed.


Keep a jar under the filter and unscrew the clamps attaching the filter to the hose. As you unscrew it, pull the hose off the fuel filter, and allow any excess gas to go into the jar. When you remove all the hoses, let all the remaining gas go into the jar too.


Hold the fuel filter in such a way that one end points into the jar. A small red straw must have come with your B-12 Chem Tool. Attach it with your spray nozzle, insert its other end into the filter, and then spray. Let everything that comes out go into the jar. Repeat the process from both the ends.


Tap the filter against a solid surface, or turn the screwdriver around and tap it with its handle. Make sure to tap all round the surface of the filter.


Again, blast the filter with B-12 Chem Tool Spray. Set aside the filter and allow drying for about an hour


Re-attach the fuel filter with the fuel lines, making sure that the arrows of the flow point towards the engine.


Replacing your fuel filter is important, yet affordable. If you don’t want to clean it, you can purchase a replacement. While cleaning the fuel filter, do not forget to wear safety glasses and gloves to prevent any damage due to gasoline spray.


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How to Clean Your Fuel Filter
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How to Clean Your Fuel Filter