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How to remove the Throttle Cable from the Carburetor

By Sara . Updated: March 1, 2017
How to remove the Throttle Cable from the Carburetor
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The Carburetor is a component used in an internal combustion engine which blends the air and fuel to create a highly combustible mixture. It also controls the speed of the engine and regulates the ratio of air and fuel. The passages, orifices and jets of the carburetor can often get clogged due to poor maintenance of an air filter or due to fuel which had been sitting for too long and now had degraded in quality or because contaminated fuel is reaching the carburetor. At such time the carburetor needs to be disassembled for cleaning purpose. After removing the carburetor we need to remove the throttle cable which often turns out to be a tough task. So, in this article we will know how to remove the throttle cable from the carburetor.

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Steps to follow:


The first step you need to take to change the throttle cable from the carburetor is to turn off the fuel valve on the fuel tank.

How to remove the Throttle Cable from the Carburetor - Step 1

Then track the fuel line down to the carburetor and remove the hose. If the fuel line is cracked or has become old then you will need to replace it so that there will be no leaks. Also remove the overflow in the hose.


In front and rear of the carburetor there are clamps with screws. Loosen those screws.

How to remove the Throttle Cable from the Carburetor - Step 3
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You can now see the carburetor being held by the throttle cable. To remove the throttle cable, first pull the rubber on the cable.


Then unscrew the locknut, which is closest to the carburetor, from the throttle cable. The locknut is attached to the tubular L – shaped fitting which comes out of the triangular cover on the brake side of the quad.


After unscrewing the locknut, unscrew the three head screws on the cover plate.


Now look under the plate and there you will see that the throttle cable is attached to a brass or gold colored plug.

Use your fingers and lift up the part to which the cables are attached. It is that part which opens up the butterfly.


Then, using your other hand turn the brass or gold plug using the nose pliers till the plug comes out of the butterfly. After removing the plug you can see a small hole and a channel.


Now turn the cable until the little ball at the end of it comes out of the plug.


Now slowly pull out the cable from the tubular L – shaped fitting. The throttle cable is now removed from the carburetor.


Now you have removed the throttle cable from the carburetor you can also learn how to clean your fuel filter or how to improve the performance of a car's engine.

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Image: blogspot, southbayriders
Image: en.wikipedia.org
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How to remove the Throttle Cable from the Carburetor