Why Does my Car Sound Like an Airplane?

By Misty Thomas. Updated: February 15, 2017
Why Does my Car Sound Like an Airplane?

If your car sounds like an airplane taking off, you could have a serious mechanical problem that needs attention as soon as possible. If you notice it gets worse when you go change gear or accelerate, this is something that you need to have looked at immediately.

Here at oneHOWTO, we have quite a few suggestions for you on why does your car sounds like an airplane taking off.

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What can make your car sound like an airplane?

There are possible reasons and issues that could explain why your car sounds like an airplane. If these airplane noises sound sputtering rather than continuous andseem to becoming from your exhaust, chances are that there is a hole in the exhaust and it is more than likely that you have a leak. Luckily, if you catch it in time, these repairs are incredibly easy to fix. In this case, a new exhaust pipe will need to be attached by your mechanic. This will quickly make the airplane sound go away.

If it is not your exhaust, it could be your catalytic converter. This is also a pretty simple fix that your mechanic can do in a day; meanwhile, here is how to clean a catalytic converter.

These repairs are not too costly unless you have added new parts to your exhaust. Most commonly, the price ranges from about $100 to $600. Some vehicles have been modified, however, so you may need more work and more expensive parts to fix the problem if this is the case. Make sure to ask your mechanic about this.

Aftermarket parts and engine problems

Many mechanics have to deal with these problems on a regular basis. Some say that the airplane noises coming from your car could be an aftermarket intake issue. If you have recently made some changes to the stock parts that came with your car, this can cause the airplane-type of sound.

Also, this could be a problem with your alternator: the drive belt could be loose or damaged. Having your alternator repaired is quite expensive, so if this is the problem, make sure that you are prepared for it.

Why Does my Car Sound Like an Airplane? - Aftermarket parts and engine problems

Wheel bearings and tires

The brand and type of tires that you have could also make your car sound like an airplane. The wheel bearings could also be a factor. If there is a problem in the wheel bearings, the sound will be like a continuous hum or growl, and it will probably get louder and higher as you accelerate.

Make sure that you have the wheel bearings and their seals checked out when you see your mechanic. If it is either of these, it is better to get it checked immediately in case there is a serious and dangerous problem with your tires.

Steering column issues

If you noticed that the seal on your steering column has become loose, this can cause the noise as well. Take it to your mechanic and have them reseal the column. This should eliminate the noise from now on.

Keep your car well maintained

It may also be that there is a problem with your cooling fan. As with any mechanical problem, the sooner you identify the cause and get it fixed, the cheaper it is likely to be. If your car begins to make strange noises, get it checked out straightaway with a mechanic you can trust. With the proper care for your car and the right mechanic, you can find out why does your car sound like an airplane and sort the issue out before any serious damage occurs.

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while driving my car i found at speed 100 km/hr the rpm meter showing decrase for some time. what is the issue?
Alba Charles (oneHOWTO editor)
In this article you'll find some information for the possible causes of your car losing power:
It is a bit difficult to tell the problem of your car without seeing it, so we advise you to bring it to a mechanic for a proper checkup.
sometimes it caused by change of not the same size gearbox maintain where a steel touches a steel that will cause unusual noise,ive experience that where they sold me a golf 4 gearbox maintain instead of a polo even the person who put it didn't notice that a steel was touching a steel

Why Does my Car Sound Like an Airplane?
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Why Does my Car Sound Like an Airplane?

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