Why does the Engine of my Car Shake?

By Max. D Gray. Updated: May 11, 2017
Why does the Engine of my Car Shake?

If your car engine is shaking, the problem could be caused bya number of different factors. Chances are that the engine's problem lies in one of the parts which are designed to absorb vibrations produced when the engine is running. While it may seem like the movement is being made by the engine, it is often actually coming from the axles of the car.

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Is the harmonic balancer working?

The harmonic balancer or crankshaft damper might be the reason why your engine is shaking. In fact, this part is also known as a vibration damper because its purpose is to reduce torsional vibration, especially in diesel engines.If the harmonic balancer gets damaged and stops working properly, one of the first symptoms you will notice is your car's engine shaking or vibrating heavily. See a mechanic as soon as possible to get the problem fixed.

Is the engine well mounted?

A faulty engine mount can be another cause of shaking. This part attaches the engine to the chassis, and one of its functions is to eliminate the vibrations generated by the engine running.

Problems with the engine mount are rare both in transverse and longitudinal engines, but it can be damaged by aggressive driving. A mechanic should fix the fault.

Is it cold outside?

If the temperature is extremely cold, it's normal for the engine to vibrate more than usual. There's no need to worry if these vibrations disappear in normal weather conditions. The reason why many car engines shake in very cold weather is because the temperature is too low for the engine to run optimally.

Why does the Engine of my Car Shake? - Is it cold outside?

Is there a problem with the spark plugs?

Spark plugs deliver electric current to the combustion chamber of the engine from the ignition system. You need an electric spark to fire the fuel and air mixture, and start the car. Vibrations coming from your car engine can be a symptom of a problem with your vehicle's spark plugs.

Spark plug removal can be done at home if you have all the tools and knowledge to accomplish the task. In this article we explain how to change the spark plugs yourself.

Why does the Engine of my Car Shake? - Is there a problem with the spark plugs?

Do you have a faulty timing belt?

Loose or faulty timing belts are another common cause of engine vibrations in vehicles. Timing belts control components such as fans so if they the belt is faulty, it will prevent them from rotating at a consistent speed. This will result in strange sounds and vibrations from your car's engine.

To avoid these types of problems, you should frequently inspect all of the belts in your vehicle to make sure that they are free from cracks and make sure they belts are tight. A mechanic will check these and replace them if they appear loose and worn.

Why does the Engine of my Car Shake? - Do you have a faulty timing belt?

Or a faulty fuel intake system?

A poorly adjusted or faulty fuel intake system is another reason for engine vibration. You may just have to clean components in the system so fuel can pass through the engine smoothly.

A cleaner and more efficient combustion will improve and prevent a vibrating engine.

Are the axles damaged?

Sometimes it might seem that the engine of your car is shaking when in fact it is because of some damage to the car axles. If your car has been in a crash - even if it's only a minor collision that left no outer signs of damage - the axles might have been slightly bent. It could also be that the CV joints (constant velocity joints) are worn out.

You should go to your mechanic to find out if any of these is the cause of the vibrations.

Similarly, you need to be sure that the tires are well attached and their alignment is balanced. A tire coming loose not only would explain why does it feel like the engine is shaking, but could also cause an accident.

You should also check the radiator fan and the fuel system, especially if the car shakes while still.For similar problems and their causes, take a look at the following articles:

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Why does the Engine of my Car Shake? -

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Why does the Engine of my Car Shake?
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Why does the Engine of my Car Shake?

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