How to Clean Your Car Windshield Better

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Clean Your Car Windshield Better

Sometimes your car windshield just needs a deep, deep cleanse. Here at OneHowTo we never understood how street cleaners manage to clean windshields so well using only water. However, we have a simple and easy trick with which to clean your car windshield better.

Trust us, it will look way better than in many car-wash facilities which are so crowded that nobody really pays attention to what they're doing and nothing gets truly cleaned. Read this article to learn how to clean your car windshield better - your car will thank you for it.

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Steps to follow:

The first thing we must do in order to leave our car windows spick and span is to take:

  • 1l water
  • 1 tablespoon shampoo (of the hair kind)

And mix well. Stir until the liquid is even: Then you can start cleaning.


We advise cleaning your car windshield with a lint-free cloth - it can be a kitchen cloth or a dishtowel. This will avoid those annoying hairs and fibers. To dry you can we use kitchen roll (about 5 sheets) or newspaper.


Dampen the cloth thoroughly. Wipe the windshield glass, going over it several times while rubbing. Leave the shampoo mixture on for half a minute and let it have its effect. Then wring the cloth well and remove all the water. Go over it again with the wet cloth, and finally dry it with paper towels or newspaper.


What are the advantages of using shampoo?

When it rains, water slides off instead of adhering to the windshield. It prevents strong reflections - like an "anti-reflex" coating. It protects against dust and scratches. Since the adhesion is lower, it leaves the surface better prepared for car trips.


How often should you clean the glass of the car?

It depends how often it gets dirty. If you clean it very very often, it becomes a hobby. If you clean it too little, the dirt builds up and creates scratches. Find a balance.


Other tips to clean your car windshield better:

Clean it carefully, with plenty of water and without scratching it. Cleaning the inside is also important: use a clean, damp cloth and wipe across the glass, then dry with kitchen paper so that you don't leave any streaks.


How NOT to clean your car windshield:

Do not use alcohol or lens cleaner.

Do not use solvents, since they leave marks and sometimes irreparably damage the glass. If you have a broken, cracked, or chipped windshield, it is even more important not to clean it with solvents, as they will enter cracks and make them worse.

Extra car tips:

If you drink, do not drive. And remember, always take out good insurance for your car.

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  • If you have children, these tips will also help you get rid of fingerprints on the windshield.

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Octavia Pearson
Car windshield wipers are necessary for every cars . It clears the dust particles and make visible properly. Windshield wipers are used for streaking, wearing down or splitting and crackling of rubber. Patches are also removed by it . It must be handled carefully so that it may not be broken. Car windshield wipers. contribute to overall quality of our auto glass over the years. It may be cleaned by using some foam particles.
City Glass Centre
Instead of cleaning the glass with a cloth and shampoo I would suggest using a newspaper and a spray of water/shampoo (whichever works best for you). The cloth tends to leave marks on the glass and also if you press to hard against the glass some cloth shreds are also visible.
How to Clean Your Car Windshield Better
How to Clean Your Car Windshield Better

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