How To Know Road Conditions In India

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: June 5, 2018
How To Know Road Conditions In India

Indian roads are unpredictable, whether you are driving on a highway, country road, or a busy street. So, before you sit on your driving seat and head on to the road, it is better to stay informed about the road conditions. There are numerous ways with which you can know specific road conditions, so that you can stay prepared for it. Here at oneHOWTO, we are going to tell you how to know road conditions in India.

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Mobile apps

There are numerous mobile apps that you can download on your smartphone such as Traffline, Highway Rescue and use them to know the road condition ahead. In addition to automated mobile apps, some applications allow users to post real-time road conditions, which other users can read, and get informed.

The NHDP offers information on highway road conditions too.


You can visit from your laptop or smartphone, and know turn by turn road conditions and driving directions for your route. The site is feature-rich with satellite photos, aerial maps, street maps, traffic details and road conditions of different Indian routes.

The same goes for Google Maps, who currently have live updates on traffic in 12 major Indian cities such as Kolkatal, Bhopal, Inore and Lucknow.

Live updates on the radio

Turn on the FM on your media player, and some radio jockeys will give you live updates on different road conditions of your city, especially during peak traveling hours, such as office hours.

How To Know Road Conditions In India - Live updates on the radio

Service subscriptions

Certain service providers allow you to subscribe, after which you receive real-time updates about road conditions of your route through SMS. Services like India Activities offer you the opportunity to recieve traffic updates on your phone.

Bad roads

India has some roads and highways in pretty bad condition so if you are planning on travelling somewhere you've never been to before, especially rural areas, then we suggest searching on Bad Roads India to find the road you are searching for and see what it's like nowadays. If you happen to detect a road in bad condition you can also notify the site to help others.

How To Know Road Conditions In India - Bad roads

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How To Know Road Conditions In India
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How To Know Road Conditions In India

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