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How to Set Rear-View Mirrors Correctly

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Set Rear-View Mirrors Correctly

When you're driving a car, a good front, rear and side visibility allows you to drive safely. When you have a clear view of all the different points of the car you can optimally react to any unforeseen hazards. Setting rear-view mirrors correctly and the load you carry in the boot are just some basic factors for you to control your environment when you're driving, but the most important is that you frequently check all mirrors.

To contribute to your safety on board a car, at we offer some advice about how to set rear-view mirrors correctly

Steps to follow:


Rear-view mirrors available in most cars are the right mirror (driver's door), the left mirror (outside the passenger door) and the central interior, which is situated in the middle of the cabin, in the highest part.

Automatic controls allow the driver to handle the movement of these mirrors without leaving his or her seat, but this is an operation that should always be done before starting the car.

How to Set Rear-View Mirrors Correctly - Step 1

First of all, highlight that in some car models the rear view mirrors are positioned manually whilst other cars have an integrated remote control by the steering wheel. Consult the manual of your car to know what case applies to your vehicle, mirrors could be damaged if remote controlled ones are manipulated manually.


We start by explaining how the driver's side rear view mirror is placed. This is very important because, if we consult frequently, we will reduce the possibility of not seeing a vehicle enter our blind spot.

Once you are well positioned at the steering wheel look in the mirror. What you should see is a minimal amount of car body and the rest should be road. If it doesn't look like this, adjust your mirror and set it to this position.


Then you must properly position the mirror which is on the passenger side. Although a few years ago it was not so common it is now rare to see a car that does not have one, although in principle it is not mandatory.

If you must move it by hand you will need the help of a person to handle it while you check from the driver's seat until you see a small part of the body of the car whilst the rest of the mirror image should be road.


Finally it is time to place the central rear view mirror. The load you carry in the boot should never exceed the line set by the back seats, so that there is no impediment to your visibility.

Move it around until you see through this mirror the entire rear window of your car simply by moving the eyes, without having to turn your head.


Technically, rear view mirrors should offer the following vision capabilities:

  • Left: 20 meters behind and a width of 4 meters.
  • Right: 10 meters back with a width of 2.5 meters.
  • Inner: 60 meters back and 20 meters wide.
How to Set Rear-View Mirrors Correctly - Step 6

If you have the three rear view mirrors correctly placed and carry out regular checks during your driving, you will be safer whilst driving because, should you have to do a sudden manoeuvre, you will know if the car that is following you has space and you can break suddenly or if you can switch to the left lane because there is no car, and so on.

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How to Set Rear-View Mirrors Correctly