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Why is My Car Leaking Water

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 16, 2017
Why is My Car Leaking Water

Your car is perhaps one of your biggest assets, and even a single issue may trouble you over nights. If you see leakage underneath your car, it might be a matter of concern most of the times, but if its plain water, you may not need to worry. Here, at, you will come to know why is my car leaking water?

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  1. Are you sure your car is leaking Water?
  2. The causes
  3. What to do

Are you sure your car is leaking Water?

Your car has several liquid components in it that make it work properly. If you are not completely sure what it is that is leaking from your car, put a paper under the leak to see the color and density of the liquid to tell what it is.

You will be able to identify an oil leakage quickly thanks to its color, as well as a battery acid leakage which will completely destroy the paper. If this is the case, check our article on what to do if your car is leaking oil.

However, it is common to mistake water for coolant, but you will quickly tell them apart with this trick, as coolant has a deep blue color.

The causes

Haziness, hotness and humidity are the three most common causes of water leaking from your car. Your car’s air conditioning system has so much to do with moisture, as it removes any moisture from the air in the passenger compartment of your car. Any water is drained on the ground under your car with a help of a rubber hose. So, if you are seeing any water leaking from underneath your car, it is this moisture related water.

Under very humid conditions, you will see water pouring out from under your car like a faucet, until the car’s humidity is completely gone. But this is normal, and there is nothing to worry about. You will be able to see this leakage on the front right or middle side of the cabin, where the rubber hose is present. Some large SUVs and mini vans may also have two AC drains and evaporators, which means that you may be able to notice two different leakages.

Why is My Car Leaking Water - The causes

What to do

When you use your car’s air conditioning system, keep its re-circulation button turned on rather than positioning it in the ‘fresh air’ option. When you leave in the ‘fresh air’ mode, it continues dragging humid air inside your car, due to which the cabin never reaches the optimum temperature. Under extreme humid conditions, the air turns into fog as it pours into your cabin from the vents. To avoid this, keep your car’s re-circulation button on. This results in air losing the humidity while passing through the evaporator, and the air conditioning system works at maximum efficiency.

For more information, check our articles on how to recharge your air conditioning system at home.

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Why is My Car Leaking Water