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How To Change A Car Tire Safely

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: July 3, 2019
How To Change A Car Tire Safely

When people study to obtain their driving licence, they study road traffic rules, basic car mechanics, road safety and take driving lessons. Yet very few driving licence holders know how to change a tire on a car.

If you find yourself with a puncture in the middle of nowhere it is essential that you know how to change a tire at the roadside, otherwise you could end up stranded. This could be dangerous, particularly in winter, so here at oneHOWTO we have put together a step-by-step guide on how to change a car tire.

You'll need:

  • car jack
  • spanner to unscrew the bolts
  • spare tyre
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Steps to follow:


When faced with the task of having to change a tire of your car, you must stay calm as feeling nervous will not help in the situation.

Before you start you should put your vehicle into "park" or "reverse gear" depending on whether it is an automatic or manual gearbox. This will stop the vehicle from rolling. To be extra sure you should also position rocks or another weighty object in front of the front or back wheels

How To Change A Car Tire Safely - Step 1

Consult your car manual to check the exact point where you must position the jack (the tool used to lift the car). Usually, you'll find the jack along with your car's spare tyre which is usually stored in the back of your car, specifically in the lower part of your car boot.

How To Change A Car Tire Safely - Step 2

You have to position the jack at the point indicated in the instruction manual, and raise it up until it comes in contact with your car. You should ensure that the surface where the car is positioned is as flat as possible to ensure you can change the tire safely.

How To Change A Car Tire Safely - Step 3

Make sure the jack is positioned correctly and securely in the indicated place and is level. If not, you'll need to start again and find a level position, as you can't run the high risk of causing harm to yourself.


Use the jack to lift your car up until your car wheel begins to lift up off the ground. Once this is done, make sure the jack is still securely in place and the vehicle has not moved at all.

How To Change A Car Tire Safely - Step 5

Then, using the socket wrench or key, slightly loosen the bolts attaching the wheel with the flat tire. Do not totally loosen them, just loosen them slightly and evenly.

How To Change A Car Tire Safely - Step 6

Again, raise the jack up lifting the car until the tire/wheel is about 15cm off the ground. Do not stop at the moment when the wheel is no longer touching the ground. Remember that the replacement wheel will be fully inflated and will require more space to install the new tire.


Loosen the screws completely on the wheel with the flat tire, take them out and remove the wheel.

How To Change A Car Tire Safely - Step 8

Next, position the new wheel in the same place, when you've removed the flat tire. To do this, you need to put the secure with the first bolt which should help you to find where the rest of the screws should go afterwards.


Attach the remaining bolts and tighten them up so they're all the same to ensure the wheel is balanced.

How To Change A Car Tire Safely - Step 10

Once you've placed the screws on and tightened them up equally, you can use the jack to lower the car down completely until the wheel is entirely on the ground. You can remove the jack and put it away again.

How To Change A Car Tire Safely - Step 11

Finally, once you have balanced the car and the wheels are on the ground, firmly tighten all the bolts on the new wheel as tight as you can. Make sure you do this properly, as your safety depends on it. Now you're all set to get back on the road, just remember to get a new tire as soon as possible if the tire appears to be damaged from the puncture, if not take it to a tire shop for a repair.

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  • Once you have changed the tyre, you need to go directly to a repair shop so they can repair the flat tyre for you. Do not drive too many miles whilst the spare tyre is in use, because if you're unlucky enough to puncture the other tyre, you won't have a spare to replace it.
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kerine kline
I hope if and when this happens I will be able to change my tire
David Fearnley-Jones
This is a very detailed and thought out post about changing a wheel on a car. But you forgot one or two things, namely:

A. Once the wheel has been removed from the hub, take any trim on the wheel of it, and place it under the side sill of the car, just behind/in front of the jack.

B. Once the wheel has been safely put back on and tightened, get to a mechanics shop AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Because mechanics have a tool called a "Torque Wrench", which they use to tighten the wheel nuts on your vehicle down to the correct tightness that the manufacturer of said vehicle provides. failing to do so could mean the un-torqued wheel coming off the vehicle at speed or even at low speed, and leading to injury of yourself and any passengers or other drivers/pedestrians that may be in the vicinity.

Overall, great post and very informative to the average driver. This gets a thumbs up from me :D
OneHowTo Editor
Thank you for your contribution David, any help for improvement is welcome!
Best wishes
Archer Smith
Car tires are the most safety feature of car. Car tires must be changed in every year. We must keep an extra tire with us while going for a long distance journey. If our tire get punctured so we can replace that tire. Car tires must be used of high and best quality so that it will last for long days. Tubeless tires are good and its width is perfect. Powerful engine, precise handling and anti lock brakes depend on the traction of the tires that touch the road.
OneHowTo Editor
Thank you for this useful comment Archer!
Maelle Samuel
Car tires play an crucial role in a car. We must check our car wheels or tires before going on a long drive. It must be washed properly. Car wheels affect the wear and tear of tires. Normal alignment of cars is designed in a away to minimize the wear and maximize driver and passenger comfort. Wheel alignment is the process to adjust one front and rear suspensions for ensuring the wheels to remain manufactured in toe angle. I am having a Porsche car which has many features and running very smooth. Once its tire got punctured so I have given my car to the for changing my car tires. Its servicing is on time and good.
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How To Change A Car Tire Safely