How to clean leather car seats effectively

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to clean leather car seats effectively

Nowadays, there are many of us who choose leather upholstery for the interior of our vehicle, as it gives a more sophisticate and elegant touch. However, to keep it impeccable and in a good state, it's very important to apply specific care so you can enjoy a perfect finish. In we'd like to tell you how to clean leather car seats effectively.

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The first thing we should do to clean our leather seats is to vacuum them thoroughly to remove the first layer of dust and any kind of filth that might be on the surface.


Next, it's convenient to use a damp microfiber towel with water to simply clean each of the seats with it. This way you'll get rid of all the minor stains. It's important to dry the seats quickly with a dry cloth.


Now, we need a leather cleaner, which we can find at a specialized shop. Apply the product on the seats with a suede cloth, always with soft and circular movements. If there are still stains you can't remove, use a soft bristle brush.


Remove the rest of the product with a microfiber towel and apply a leather conditioner. To do so, use the applicator or by hand if done softly. Leave the conditioner on the seats for 10 minutes and, then remove excess conditioner.


It's important to check if any of the products bought could be harmful for your seats or could modify the colour of the leather before applying it on the seats. We can ask a specialist if we have any doubts, as clear tones of leather are more delicate.


Applying this treatment every six months is the best way of keeping your leather car seats in perfect condition.

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How to clean leather car seats effectively
How to clean leather car seats effectively

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