How To Remove Old Car Smell  

By Max. D Gray. Updated: August 22, 2019
How To Remove Old Car Smell  

An old car can give off a bad smell for a number of reasons, from not being properly maintained in terms of cleaning, to interior fittings that have taken in a lot of moisture, and transporting products that give off a very strong smell. That old car smell is among the most difficult smells to get rid of, but you can take measures which help, at least, to lessen it. In Onehowto we are proposing a series of options on how to remove old car smell.

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Steps to follow:

In the majority of cases, an old car smells because of moisture. In such cases, it's quite hard to remove the smell altogether, but don't give up. What you need to do is thoroughly clean up the inside of the car. To do so, you'll need to clean your seats (fabric or leather) and clean the car roof lining.

Then, put a little bicarbonate on the floor as well as the front and back seats. After a couple of hours, hoover up the dust and air out the car for half an hour. To enhance this effect, use air-freshener in a scent that you like.

How To Remove Old Car Smell   - Step 1

Another way to reduce that old car smell is to follow the steps below. Put a bar of scented soap on the central console, in a place where it won't be able to move when the car is in motion. Make sure that the soap you are using has a nice natural aroma and nothing too aggressive. When you get fed up of this scent, change the bar of soap for another one with a new scent.

How To Remove Old Car Smell   - Step 2

Sometimes, this old car smell is produced by bacteria spreading throughout the car's interior via the air-conditioning. This is caused by your car not being properly maintained.

To do so, switch the heating on maximum heat with the engine on. Get out of the car for 5 minutes. After that switch on the air conditioning to maximum power with the car doors and windows closed. While the air conditioning is on, got to the passenger's front seat side and apply an anti-baterial product you'll find in specialised shops. To do so, squeeze the product on the floor by the door (the door must be open). After 30 seconds, close the door and leave the air conditioning on for 5 minutes.

How To Remove Old Car Smell   - Step 3

Certainly, prevention is the best way to stop your car from smelling old. Clean it often, including the cloth or leather seats and taking out the carpet to do so as dirt usually accumulates under them, which in the long term, can cause bad smells. If you do not have enough space to clean your car, we recommend that you take it somewhere where you can.


In addition, if something drops or spills inside your car, clean it up as soon as possible. If you let, for example, traces of food end up inside the seats then they will rot and cause a very nasty smell which will be very difficult to remove.


Remember that cleaning is an important part of your car maintenance. If you look after your car well, you are increasing the life expectancy of your car.

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How To Remove Old Car Smell  
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How To Remove Old Car Smell  

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