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Why Does My Car Pull To One Side

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: July 27, 2017
Why Does My Car Pull To One Side

If your car pulls to one side, it may become very uncomfortable for you to drive, and it may prove to be very unsafe too. Other than wheel misalignment, there may be several other reasons for which your car must be pulling to a side. If you are confused about why does my car pull to one side, we will tell you some possible reasons here at OneHowTo.com.

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  1. Tire conicity
  2. Improper air pressure
  3. New tires
  4. Tire rotation
  5. Brake problem
  6. Other considerations

Tire conicity

A car may pull to one side because of tire conicity. This can be due to tread wear, or due to a new tire installed recently. This can be a defect in your tire which may cause hard pull in one side. Tire conicity may be the result of poor tire manufacturing, and you may notice it especially after the first tire rotation. Improper belt alignment under the tire tread may cause the tire to get inflated into a cone shape instead of square, and thus causes pull and makes your steering wheel not be straight too.

Why Does My Car Pull To One Side - Tire conicity
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Improper air pressure

Uneven air pressure commonly causes a car to pull to one side. When one tire is inflated less than the others, its height may change, and it may have greater rolling resistance due to which the pull may become more noticeable.

Why Does My Car Pull To One Side - Improper air pressure
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New tires

The wear and tread pattern on a tire may cause your car to pull to one side. If your car has different brands of tires, or different wear patterns on same brand tires, then their rolling characteristics may differ. Replacing one tire on a set may cause your car to pull. Placing a new tire on the front along with an old tire may not allow you to drive straight. Always replace your tires in pairs, and install new tires on the rear.

Tire rotation

If you have recently rotated your tires, then make sure that you have not mismatched your tires. If you have rotated your front tires, then the pull may be more noticeable.

Brake problem

If you feel the pull only when you hit the brakes, then the problem is related to the brakes or the loose suspension component. One brake may stay applied due to a wheel cylinder, hydraulic fault or sticking caliper. The brake drag may cause the car to drift to one side. If this is the case, you will also feel your brake to become very hot, along with a burning smell.

In this case it is best if you take your car to a mechanic.

Other considerations

Check these simple steps and identify the cause for why does my car pull to one side. Once you know the reason, it can become easier for you to fix the problem and drive straight. Click here to know Why does the engine of my car shake?, Why does my car lose power , Why Is My Car Squeaking When I Go Over Bumps?, Why does my clutch make a noise, Why won't my car start, etc.

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Why Does My Car Pull To One Side